Vonetta (b. ?)


Real Name

Etta Ion


Von-Etta, Etta Ion Paul, Mrs. T. Vincent Paul,The Incomparable Vonetta, The World's Only Lady Illusionist,Mistress of Mystery, Queen of Mystery,The Indescribable Mystery


Magician, Illusionist, Dancer

Place of Birth









She possesses the ability to perform grand feats of illusion. Billed as "The World's Only Lady Illusionist," her most popular illusion is the "Floating Coffin."

Interesting Fact

Her "Flying Chest" illusion is inscribed on the hinged top, which traces it's history of ownership - passing from her to six other owners, including Popular magician Billy McComb.


Vonetta was born Etta Ion in England, in the late 1800s.

She married T. Vincent Paul and in 1906, they launched the act of Von-Etta, "La Mytere Indescriptible." (The Indescribable Mystery)

Billing herself as the "World's Only Lady Illusionist," at the London Hippodrome, she showcased her some of her best illusions, including "The Flying Chest" illusion, "Floating Coffin" and substitution act.

Another one of her most popular illusions is the "Fire & Sword, Creamation" illusion, where a man lies down in a rectangular wooden box -

while the box is closed, swords are thrust into the box, apparently impaling the man and to top it all off - his body is set on fire.

When the first World War broke out in 1914, she stopped touring and decided to utilize her past experience in dance to become a dance instructor.

In 1924, the "Mistress of Mystery" was made an Honorary Member of the "Scottish Conjurer's Association" in Glasgow,

and performed at many of their events including the "Our Night of Magic" gala in April, 1931.

Little is known about Vonetta's later years, however, after she retired from performing, she resided in Glasgow, Scotland where she kept an extensive collection of her rare memorabilia.

Decades later the collection was discovered and salvaged by world renowned British magician and collector, Paul Daniels, as her home was being demolished.

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