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Once David Copperfield and Harry Potter had a stare down. Now Harry Potter wears glasses.

David Copperfield harnesses all his magical powers in his hair. Just one follicle of his hair can generate enough power to run thousands of electric windmills across the world. These windmills are also responsible for constantly blowing in his hair.

When Claudia Schiffer broke up with David Copperfield, he was so enraged that he cut her body in two halves. He did this to show her that only David Copperfield does the separating.

In 1937, Amelia Earhart was circumnavigating the globe over the central Pacific Ocean. That was the same day David Copperfield was practicing making planes vanish for his upcoming TV special.

David Copperfield has perfect 20/20 vision and can see you in Blu-ray.

Once Simon Cowell and David Copperfield bet on who has more money. The loser had to start wearing an undersized t-shirt for the rest of their life.

Once David Copperfield sawed Jimmy "JJ" Walker in half. The two haves became Emmanuel Lewis and Gary Coleman.

If you stare into David Copperfield's eyes for more than 10 seconds, you will automatically fry 50% of your brain cells. Those who have stared at David in this manner are Paula Abdul, Gary Busey and David Arquette.

David Copperfield can sneeze with his mouth closed.

How many magicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one: David Copperfield. Nobody screws with David Copperfield.

Once Nicholas Cage asked David Copperfield to make all his bad movies disappear from his career; David kindly granted his wish, and now Nicholas Cage is unemployed.

David Copperfield and Criss Angel once challenged each other's magic skills on a bet. The loser had to start wearing makeup and body piercings.

Only David Copperfield can put humpty dumpty back together again.

When David Copperfield gets married, he doesn't wear a ball and chain, he escapes from it.

Not only can David Copperfield pull the wool over your eyes, he can also pull the wool over a sheep's eyes.

After David Copperfield walked through the Great Wall of China, the Chinese government changed the fortress' name to the "Not so Great Wall of China."

Once Mr. T tried to pity David Copperfield's magic. With a wave of his hand, David turned his gold chain into fool's gold. At that point Mr. T had no choice but to pity himself.

Once David Copperfield tried to steal Bella away from Edward. Edward lunged at David in an attempt to destroy him; with the wave of his hand, David turned Edward into a bat and then fed him to the wolves.

David Copperfield made a deal with mother nature. He would grant mother nature endless lush vegetation in keeping humanity alive in return for constant wind blowing through his hair.

David Copperfield doesn't just make magic happen in his bedroom, he makes magic happen in every room.

David Copperfield traveled back in time just to thank Charles Dickens for naming his book after him.

David Copperfield practices his sleight-of-hand by placing his hands in a tank filled with piranhas and challenging them to bite his fingers off.

Once Waldo got David Copperfield Angry... now nobody can find him.

Moses parted the Red Sea... secretly, with David Copperfield's wand.

Once David Copperfield put the Bigfoot theory to rest by magically pulling Bigfoot out of the forest and making him appear right before the media. However, Bigfoot appeared in a blur, so David removed the blur only to reveal that it was Chuck Norris. The blur effect was a result of Chuck roundhouse kicking so fast.

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