Rick Thomas (b. ? )


Real Name

Rick Thomas




Magician, Illusionist

Place of Birth

Long Beach, California, USA


6' 4"




Dusky Brown


Rick possesses the ability to perform the most intriguing and innovative grand illusions in the world with a style unlike any other entertainer. His illusions involve exotic birds, and motorcycles in addition to jungle cats.

His signature illusion include shrinking a 500-pound royal white Bengal tiger into a cuddly cub and levitating a showgirl high above the stage and make her vanish.

Interesting Fact

Rick's pet is a 500-pound white Begal tiger named Samson which he performs with in every illusion show. Samson along with other exotic cats enjoy a beautiful habitat on two acres adjacent to Rick's Las Vegas home.


Before Rick Thomas shot to magic stardom, his theatrical background originated at childhood in the form of ballroom dancing.

At the tender age of five, Rick, whose family was already active in the ballroom dancing arena, began teaming with his sister, Tamara, in ballroom dance competitions.

The lessons he learned, such as dedication, practice, perseverance, winning and losing would later help him in his pursuit of success as an entertainer.

Rick embarked on his magic career at the age of 7, not long after seeing a magic performance. From that time on, Thomas applied the incredible work ethic he established during his dance career to his new calling: MAGIC!

At the age of 13, he began performing magic semi-professionally, earning just $5 per show. By the age of 18, he was performing at the Disneyland Hotel while attending Long Beach City College in California.

While a student at the college, he found the ideal girl to help him perform his "Zig-Zag" trick - cutting a woman into thirds. Kimberly fit the box - so he married her.

Cruise ships were also an advancing venue for Rick, and it took little time for him to star on over 200 cruises on the finest cruise lines in the world, such as; Royal Caribbean, Royal Viking, Princess and Crystal Cruise Lines.

In the following years, Rick honed his craft and landed his first long-term (5 years) professional engagement in Asia.

There he developed his dazzling act that features original illusions, exciting choreography, beautiful dancers, exotic birds, and royal white and orange Bengal Tigers.

Making his home theater in Las Vegas obviously has made Rick a local resident. He resides in the northwest area of town with his wife Kimberly, daughter Miranda, and son Brandon.

Rick is a premier illusionist having completed five world tours covering over 50 countries.

High honors include the coveted “Magician of the Year” by the Academy of Magical Arts and "Stage Magician of the Year" by the World Magic Awards and “Illusionist of the Year” by the Theater Excellence Awards.

He has been featured on numerous national television specials including the NBC specials "The World’s Greatest Magic" and his own special on ABC that aired throughout Asia.

Rick has performed for 10 years in his own show in Las Vegas and currently planing on playing at the Sahara in July 2009.

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