Suzanne (b. ?)


Real Name

(last name unrevealed)





Place of Birth

Battle Creek, MI, USA








Suzanne possesses the ability of pristine sleight-of-hand prowess. She is an expert at close-up manipulation and is known for her flawless Cup and Balls routine. Her signature effect is her "Band-Aid" trick.

Interesting Fact

Suzanne loves horses; if she wasn't doing magic, she would have a profession in horse training.


Growing up in Battle Creek, Michigan, Suzanne was always fascinated by puzzles, brain teasers and optical illusions; magic fit tight into that category.

When she was 10 years old, her neighbor showed and taught her a few card trick routines.

Suzanne was fascinated by the the art, however, she viewed them more like puzzles rather than magic.

She later discovered magic when she figured out how to make a paper clip vanish by using ordinary household objects.

The experimental trick changed her perception and she embraced the art of magic as a newfound hobby.

In 1984 she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she worked as a computer programer; at the same time she started playing with magic more seriously.

She joined a magic club where she met legendary magician Al Schneider.

Suzanne studied with Al, honing and perfecting her skills until she went professional in 1985.

During her developmental years as a professional magician, she met and was influenced by many magicians, including Eugene Burger, Whit Hayden, Luna Shimada, David Regal and Jonathan Levit.

She began performing close-up magic in upscale restaurants in the Twin Cities, and since 1988, she has been a repeat performer at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

In 1997, she attended "Mystery School" taught by Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride.

Her experience there changed her and influenced her act in a deep way.

She began to incorporate a story telling, narrative approach to her act, giving birth to some of her most popular effects, such as her "Band-Aid" trick; an effect which centers around a parent's connection to a child.

Suzanne continues to grow and evolve as a master conjuror, traveling around the country - enthralling audiences with her enchanting charm and spellbinding skills.

She has been voted as one of the top performers at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle.

The Academy of Magical Arts have honored Suzanne by nominating her as Close up Magician of the Year for 2010.

Suzanne is the first woman magician ever to receive this honor.

For more information, visit Suzanne's official website.

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