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Street Magicians have been mystifying audiences for thousands of years, from the earliest conjuring feats of shamans in tribal societies to the modern day street magic wizards of today.

The term "street magic" has taken on a variety of meaning, from simple performances on the street by wandering jugglers to the death defying stunts of escape artists.

Traditionally, the termonology referred to conjurers who made their living performing for passers-by and collecting money from the crowd is called "busking."

However, in 1997, David Blaine's first television special aired, entitled "David Blaine: Street Magic," where upon the term was looked upon in a whole new light.

In reality, it is simply a rebranded form of busking or simply close-up magic tricks or "street magic" performed outdoors for free.

At one time, these free wandering conjurers flourished and thrived all over the world, from English fairgrounds to most of the villages of India; it was a universal folk art which embodied many forms and permeated many cultures.

Where are these modern day Shamans today? They are still among us, however not as abounding as they used to be.

Below are biographies of street magicians compiled from the annals of history. Feel free to check out these masters of street magic revealed from around the world.

Street Magicians


Jeff Sheridan

Sonny Holliday


Billy Kidd


Chris Capehart

Harry Anderson

Mario Morris

Jimmy Talksalot

Nick Nickolas

Whit Haydn


Michael Lee

Danny Hustle

Crystal Sinclair

David Blaine

Eric Evans

Tom Frank (b. 1966) - American magician who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied with Cellini in the early 1980s in New Orleans. He lived in Los Angeles with magician Sylvester the Jester as his roommate for two years, and began busking in New York City in 1983. His signature effect is his Cups and Balls routine.

Charlie Caper (b.?) - Swedish magician who was bit by the magic bug at age 9, and performed his first payed gig at 14. In 2003, he began busking full-time touring overseas. Caper is respected among the biggest names in busking, including Cellini. His signature effect is his Cups and Balls routine.

Paul Nathan (b. 1971) - aka Unkle Paul and Dubbed "The World's Dangerous Magician." American magician from San Francisco who has been mystifying audiences for 15 years. Nathan is a sleight-of hand artist specializing in card magic, and a world class entertainer who tours the world performing his various magic shows.

George Gilbert aka GG (b. 1986) - American magician born in Baltimore, MD who started performing magic since he was 8. He studied under renown street magicians Eric Evans and Jimmy Talksalot and has been busking full-time since 2006. He predominately performs in Ocean City, MD.

Bobby Maverick (b.?) - American Magician from Independence, Kentucky who has been performing for over 25 years. As a street magician, Bobby trained under busking guru Kozmo, and has been performing seasonally in America for the last 10 years.

Doug Conn (b.1969) - American magician who has been performing professionally for over 20 years. He is also a lecturer, sharing his conjuring knowledge across the globe. He authored the book entitled "Conn-juring," and his work has been featured in several periodicals.

Warpo (b.1959) - American magician who had a successful history as a pitchman and trained under Sir David Walker. He is now based in New Orleans, and has been street performing for over three years.

Daniel Davenport (b.?) - Up and coming American magician who is growing rapidly in reputation as a full-time professional busker. He has been instructed by street magicians Eric cash and Chris Karney.

Toot (b.1950) aka Riki Palmer - American magician and balloon artist who is a seasoned street performer trained by busking legend Cellini. He has amazed audiences in 21 countries and was written about in "Cellini's Dreamer's Highway."

Alexander The Magician (b.?) aka Alex Osborn - American magician who was a student of Michael Night. As a busker, he trained under Doug Conn, and has performed heavily in America and Europe.

Keith Wilson (b.?) aka The Great Wilsoni, and Balloonatik - American magician and veteran in the art of street performing, He was mentored by Albert Owens, and gained notoriety working the streets of New York. Wilsoni is currently based in New Orleans.

Percy Press (b.1902 - 1980) - British magician, and probably the last of the English buskers who learned his craft working the streets of England. He has also been called the greatest modern Punch and Judy showman. His signature effect was a production of a glass of water from a borrowed hat.

Phelston Jones (b.?) - American magician who began his magic career busking on the streets of New York City. He has since performed before royalty and entertained all over the world. He resides in Las Vegas and balances his photography business with his performances.

Naoko (b.?) aka Naoko Yamaguchi. Japanese female magician who specializes in balloon sculpting, close-up, stage and street magic. She studied under Riki "Toot" Palmer and has been entertaining globally for the past decade.

Liam Walsh (b.1989) British street magician who got his start performing in nightclubs. He has become one of the biggest names in the UK spotlight for his unbelievable shuffling skills. He is also the creator of the very successful "POP" clothing line.

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