Steve Wyrick (b. 1976)


Real Name

Gale Steven Wyrick





Place of Birth

Garland, Texas. USA








Wyrick possesses the ability to manipulate, materializeand dematerialize objects on a mega scale.

His signature illusion is making a twin-engine Jet 35 aircraft appear in seconds before stunned audiences;

This is currently the largest stage illusion being performed in Las Vegas. He has also materialized a AS 350 helicopter out of nowhere and vanishes a West Coast Chopper into mid-air.


Steve Wyrick is one of the world's most dynamic entertainers. Millions have witnessed his larger-than-life magic at his hit show on the famous strip, on international television specials and during his world tours.

Wyrick performs some of the most defiant and imaginative illusions anywhere. His renowned "Blades of Death" illusion is unrivaled, while the appearance of a twin-engine aircraft is the largest stage illusion being performed in Las Vegas.

Wyrick has been mastering his talent since he was a child growing up in Texas. He began his Las Vegas career at the Lady Luck in 1997. In December of 2003, Steve opened a new show at the Aladdin Resort and Casino called: "Mind Blowing Magic".

In 2005, he signed a multi year, $30 million agreement with Desert Passage at Aladdin (presently the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood). The deal included the development of a 22,000-sqaurefoot entertainment complex that will blend a state-of-the-art 500-seat theatre, ultra lounge and magic shop.

He pulled out all the stops for this one-of-a-kind, mega-illusion magic experience. In his show "Real Magic," Wyrick performed some of the most mind-blowing illusions anywhere.

His signature, larger-than-life illusions headlined the show, but it was Steve's personal touches that made his show unforgettable, allowing audience members to be as close as they can handle for a magic experience like no other.

In 2010, his run at the Wyrick Theater ended leaving him open to new magic ventures.

Wyrick was recently awarded the prestigious Merlin Award as Magician of the Year fro the International Magician's Society, the world's largest magic organization.

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