Steve Farmer

A professional close-up artist, mentalist and trade show magician, Steve Farmer has performed for small groups to large corporations, Steve has the special ability to connect with his audiences.

He loves to entertain people and it shows... Steve's unique brand of family entertainment has brought smiles and laughter to audiences all across the United States and abroad.

Steve Farmer has a wide variety of magical entertainment in his repertoire, and can entertain crowds for any setting or venue:

Restaurant Magic - Steve's magic can be a valuable tool to both the Restaurant and the Patron.

While your patrons are waiting to be seated or served, Steve will walk around, performing close-up, intimate tableside magic, creating mini-miracles right in the palm of your guest's hand!

Corporate Events -  Whether you are a car dealer showing off a new car model, a committee chairman trying to pull off an unforgettable event, or a Manager trying to inspire and motivate the sales team, Steve and his Blue Saint Productions can breathe Magic into your event.

Library and School Shows - Steve Farmer, aka, "The Blue Saint," is a retired police officer and has spoken to many public groups on crime prevention issues.

Now as a "Mystery Detective" he adds an entertaining twist to engage children while giving them message-safe behavior, and what to do should problems arise.

Birthday Parties - Steve knows how to entertain children. And his birthday party program can make that special day memorable.

Steve has performed birthday magic shows for people, 5 years old to 80 years old.  With magic, age has no boundaries.

Steve's magic show for children is a fun-filled, magic extravaganza that gets the kids involved and makes the birthday child the star of the show! 

Being connected to the entertainment, business, and education fields, gives Blue Saint Productions the insight and access to other services that others may not have. Every part of your work and leisure needs can be addressed with one consultation.

If you're having an event, for some special occasion, why not reduce your stress? One call can provide you with everything you might need. Blue Saint Productions wants your event not only to be successful, but spectacular as well.

Phone: 512-394-9497


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