Stephane Vanel (b. ?)

"I have worked in magic for 26 years, eleven of those years with David Copperfield. I have seen and worked with many magicians - and Stephane's technical skill is exceptional" -Joanie Spina


Real Name

Stephane Vanel





Place of Birth

Paris, France


Approx: 6' 2"






Vanel possesses the uncanny ability to manipulate any object at will. He is an expert flourisher, and sleight-of-hand specialist who can magically control any object the human hand can obtain, ie., Coins, billiard balls, cards, and balloons.

His favorite signature effect involves Vanel magically making a signed card appear in various places of the deck only to end up in his mouth.

Interesting Fact

Vanel landed his first TV show due to a a runway performance modeling underwear. Vanel was practicing with a deck of cards while waiting in the wings for his turn to walk on the runway.

When his turn had come, he had no place to hide his cards. So he decided to put on a show and manipulate cards as he walked the runway.

The crowd response was so overwhelming, that he was offered his own weekly Television special performing magic.


Born and raised in Paris, France, Stephane Vanel started magic to overcome his shyness.

When he was a child, his father took him to a vacation center where he saw a man performing magic tricks.

He saw the spectators crowd around the magician and noticed how the audience took to the stranger; Vanel wanted that same confidence that the magician had.

Vanel found himself drawn to card tricks. He started out performing visual card tricks, manipulations, productions, flourishes as opposed to interactive, pick-a-card type of effects.

With a visual approach to performing card tricks, he felt more comfortable not having to engage in conversation with his spectators due to his shy nature.

Growing up, Vanel became a huge fan of David Copperfield and was heavily influenced by the illusionist's TV performances.

His father, a doctor and amateur magician, also showed vanel a few simple card tricks.

However, unlike Vanel, his father gave up his dream of becoming a magician and got into the medical field.

Vanel tried his hand as a model for Armani on the runway, but that wasn't what he was best at. Then he attended medical school, but decided to take a hiatus from school to enter a magic competition, which he won.

Shortly after Vanel got an offer to perform a magic show in Reno.

Unbeknownst to Vanel, what turned out to be a small vacation from medical school ended becoming a full-time career as a magician.

Vanel hired Jonie Spina, David Copperfield's director, choreographer.

She helped him in various areas in performing and communicating more effectively with the audience. He also took acting, dance and singing classes to further hone his showmanship skills.

His first real performance in front of a large audience was at European Championship of Magic in 2001.

In France, Vanel gained fame hosting his own television series, “Fun TV Magic.”

In the United States, his credits include a seven-year run in MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris, as well as appearances in “Crazy Girls” at the Riviera and the Excalibur.

Vanel has recently launched a new show at Paris Las Vegas called "The Magic of Paris."

His venue showcases his masterful display of sleight -of-hand and manipulation skills. He also dances while performing to various blends of international music from French to Argentinean.

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