Spooky Magic And How To Scare Your Audience

Spooky magic! I just love freaking out passers-by when I'm on the street performing close-up magic. Especially when I'm performing tricks that give way to the supernatural!

I can't help it... I'm a sucker for scary stuff. The cool thing about performing spooky magic is that when your delivering your scary story, you begin to feed your spectators mind with ideas of the unknown and hopefully sheer terror!

It's all about triggering your volunteer's imagination with feelings of paranoia and fear. When they're on the verge of getting the heebie-jeebies, that's when you deliver the climax to your haunted effect!

Of course you have to have a great effect, like the The Haunted Key - Magically Turns Over in Your Hand, which is so easy to master (no gimmicks), yet it has wicked effects on your spectators when presented properly.

Notice I said "presented properly." The power and impact behind your effect all rests on your presentation. The two must go hand in hand. If you can't psychologically manifest emotion in your audience, whether it be joy, laughter, fear, etc., than the audience will remember your trick more than they'll remember you!

The key to a great trick is to create a compelling dialogue or "patter" as we magicians call it. Rehearse your words, remember them, and then execute a polished delivery to your spectator. No one wants to hear a magician stumble over their words!

Also make sure you interact with your spectator - get them involved and hands-on with the trick. Last but not least, add a climax to your trick. If your effect doesn't have a surprise ending, make one up. If you build up your presentation and then scare them in the end in some way, shape, or form, you have succeeded in your mission.

Once your polished effect has mesmerized your spectator, they will run and tell others of your amazing trick, and how awesome of a magician you are too!

For all you magicians who want to improve and grow in the magical arts, great showmanship is the key. Like David Copperfield said, "The real secret of magic lies in the performance."

Check out British wizard Paul Zenon performing the Haunted Key. btw, the silk he used is called Hyrum the Haunted Hanky It was one of my first magic tricks I ever owned!



Team AAM

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