Sophie Evans (b.?)


Real Name

Sophie Evans


Miss Evans


Magician, Fire Eater, Entertainer

Place of Birth

Portsmouth, England


5' 5"






Evans possesses the ability to manipulate the element of fire and infusing it into her magic act.

She is a specialist in close-up and comedy magic, as well as performing her burlesque-style magic and fire act.

Interesting Fact

Aside from performing shows, Sophie also acts as a magic and fire consultant.


Sophie Evans was born in Portsmouth, England on June 12.

She was born into the show-biz world. She's a fourth generation entertainer stemming back to her great-great-grandmother who was a Gaiety girl in the late 1870's.

Her great-grandfather was a music hall performer, and her grandfather, Rupert Evans, was an accomplished technical director and stunt man.

She was also akin to Monica Evans, who was a stand-in for Joan Littlewood in "Rhinoceros" and later became a Pigeon Sister in the "Odd Couple" as well as the voice of Maid Marian in 1973's Robin Hood.

Though Sophie comes from a family of actors, dancers and comedians, she is the first to venture into the magic field of entertainment.

In 1994, Evans proved her magic prowess by traveling to Australia to win the coveted title of "Close-Up Magician of the Year" from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

She has since become internationally renowned for her unique contemporary style and her award-winning magic. She took root in the US, working out of Las Vegas.

In 1996, Sophie joined "Showgirls of Magic," at San Remo Casino, Vegas; a rapid-paced variety show produced by Bonnie Saxe, mother of Melinda, aka "First Lady of Magic."

A year later she went on to perform for various venues and for many celebrities, including Celine Dion, Marie and Donny Osmond, Muhammad Ali, Sheryl crow and Ex-President Jimmy Carter.

Evans has also graced the television world, appearing on many TV specials, including Australia, France and the United States.

She has opened for The Amazing Johnathan in Vegas, and has often appeared as part of the "Twisted Cabaret" with fellow magician Kevin James.

In 2009, she was awarded "Stage Magician" of the Year" from the Academy of Magical Arts, as part of Twisted Cabaret show.

She performs regularly at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and is the only female magician to headline in all 3 showrooms.

Evans is best-known in England for her work as a magic teacher on the BBC TV magic reality series "The Sorcerers Apprentice," which has yielded 3 seasons to date.

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