Maria Gara-The SnakeBabe (b.?)


Real Name

Maria Gara


The SnakeBabe, America's Sexiest Magician


Magician, Fire eater, Animal handler

Place of Birth

Chicago, IL. USA


5' 9"






Maria Gara is the Pied Piper of reptiles. Where ever she performs-snakes abound! Aside from being a salacious snake charmer, Maria can also charm her audience with a dazzling show full of illusion, comedy, sorcery and animals.

Gara's sexy style is made known as she performs some of the most provocative illusions. Maria is also a master fire eater and animal handler.

Interesting Fact

Maria is a licensed animal handler and has been featured on the TV show "Ripley's Believe It Or Not."


Hugs and hisssesss; That's the greeting you'll get from this female bombshell of a magician called Maria (The SnakeBabe) Gara.

Maria has been mystifying audiences for several years. Her shows are packed with action, comedy, mystery and more.

Her use of snakes on stage and off has garnered her a reputation around the world as The SnakeBabe.

Gara incorporates a wide variety of exotic reptiles in her show, such as Boas, King snakes and Pythons.

After Maria astounds you with her many feats of illusion, she brings out the prize of her collection-a 12-foot Burmese Python. Everyone has an opportunity to take pictures with the monstrous yet well respected reptile.

Why snakes? Well, Maria has always had a love for reptiles. I wonder if it has anything to do with her allergic reactions to fur all her life. She started out with two snakes, then four, then twenty four...need I go on?

Maria was at the embryonic stages of her modeling career when she moved to Las Vegas with her husband, entertainer Steve August.

She soon discovered that the world of Vegas yielded a new and exciting entertainment industry...magic. From that day on she was hooked on magic and wanted to be a part of it.

Billed America's Sexiest Magician due to her provocative sexy style, Maria's adult oriented shows magically blends snakes, sex and sorcery to keep her audiences titillated and mystified.

In one illusion she slices one of her beautiful assistants in half--who is wearing nothing but a bath robe and handcuffs. The end results are...well, let's just say the assistant came out BARE-ly unscathed!

Maria has also graced the television world. She has appeared on TV specials such as "Ripley's Believe it Or Not," Card Sharks" and Animal Planet's "Lance Burton's Guerilla Magic".

Maria and Steve's love for animals have led them into the animal handling profession. They have also founded Reptile Rescue, an organization which strives to save ill and unwanted reptiles.

They have also successfully supplied live animals to corporate functions, schools and conventions. Maria is currently the owner and director of Reptile

For more information, visit Maria Gara's website.

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