Crystal Sinclair (b. 1955)

Crystal Sinclair AKA the Jewel of Magic, has been dazzling audiences around the world with her exquisite street performing skills for over 25 years


Real Name

Crystal Sinclair


Crystal Bleu, Crystal the Jewel of Magic


Magician, Street Performer, Entertainer

Place of Birth

Vancouver, BC, Canada


5' 6"




Dirty Blonde


Crystal possesses the ability of cunning conjuring and masterful showmanship skills.

Interesting Fact

After years of living and traveling in trucks and vans Crystal has become a very skilled auto mechanic.


Crystal Sinclair was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada on November 7, 1955.

She fell in love with performing when she got her first big laugh at the age of 7 in a school play, and has been making people laugh and gasp in magical amazement ever since.

Crystal learned from the best, Tony Slydini and Frank Garcia were her first real teachers of magic.

Jim Cellini was a friend and mentor for 30 years. Her earlier training was based in dance and modeling and she attended the Actor’s Institute in NYC.

Crystal can work any venue. From close-up and personal to large and loud. Laughter follows wherever she goes.

Her clients include the Plaza Hotel, Marriott Hotels, Roseland, Dolf & Annette Lundgren, Ford Corporation, American Red Cross, the Saudi Royal Family, IBM Corporation and many more.

Crystal has performed multitudes of children’s parties with her face painting, ballon animals and magic.

She has also performed and lectured for many magic conventions in Spain, Portugal and the United States.

Crystal worked at Zauber Zentrum in Zurich as make-up artist instructor as well as producer of the Cellini magic bags.

Years in the comedy clubs opening for Soupy Sales, Steve Allen; Rosie O’donell, Jay Leno; Ellen De Generes honed her funny bone and magical skills.

Crystal appeared on America’s Funniest People, “Good Day New York” on Fox and most recently had a speaking role on Spanish TV in Pais Marvelloso.

She was a regular at South street seaport in NYC for 4 seasons as well as a performer at Expo Worlds Fair in Vancouver.

The Jewel has worked the USA, Canada, Japan, Spain, France, Morocco, England, Scotland, Mexico, Jamacia, Grand Canary Islands and many more.

Love of freedom and travel led Crystal to street performing.

She is definitely the “First Lady of Street Magicians” having worked all the major streets, festivals & ferias in Spain, Switzerland and France USA & Canada.

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