Siegfried and Roy (b. 1939 and 1944)


Siegfried and Roy's Real Name

Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Uwe Ludwig Horn


SARMOTI - Acronym for Seigfried & Roy Masters of the Impossible


Illusionists, Magicians

Place of Birth

Siegfried - Rosenheim, Germany/ Roy – Nordenham, Germany


Siegfried/Roy - Approx. 5'10"


Siegfried - Green/Roy - Brown


Siegfried - Blonde/Roy - Black


Siegfried and Roy, also known as "Masters of the Impossible," hold true to their title. They specialize in making large animals materialize, dematerialize, transport, and transform before captivated audiences.

They have transposed a woman into a 600 pound Bengal tiger in seconds; produced a white tiger from a large flaming silver ball, only to levitate up into space, and made a 2 ton elephant vanish on stage only to reappear in the middle of the audience. Their show features lions, white tigers, leopards, panthers, cheetahs, and an elephant.


In their three-plus decades in Las Vegas, Siegfried & Roy have performed for more than 25 million people. They are considered by many to be the most successful magicians in history.

Siegfried and Roy have won the Las Vega Show Act Of The Year Award many times; they have also received numerous other awards, including The Magician Of The Year Award from the Academy Of Magical Arts.

Through the years they have seen many changes in the city's entertainment scene, some of which they were personally responsible for. The illusionists opened the door to family entertainment, setting a standard in stage extravaganzas that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world.

From the tender age of nine, Siegfried Fischbacher was drawn to the world of magic. growing up in the small town of Rosenheim, Germany, he experinced a powerful feeling of destiny. unbeknownst to him, this destiny led him to the village bookstore where he discovered and purchased a book on magic.

The art of magic quickly consumed Siegfried as he would spend much of his childhood studying the craft. Meanwhile, growing up in Nordenham, Germany, a young boy name Roy Horn was spending a lot of time befriending exotic animals at the Bremen zoo.

Siegfried and Roy met in 1957. Siegfried took a job on an ocean liner, first working as a steward. Roy got a job on the same ship as a waiter. While working one night, Roy heard people applauding and looked over to see Siegfried on a makeshift stage, taking a rabbit out of a hat.

The two young men became friends and Roy began to serve as Siegfried's assistant.

One night Siegfried asked Roy what he thought of the show. Roy got up the nerve to tell Siegfried that he found the magic a little too predictable.

Astounded at Roy's candor, especially considering he was five years Siegfried's junior, Siegfried asked him how the show might be made better. "If you can make a rabbit and a dove appear and disappear, can you do the same with a cheetah?" Roy inquired. "In magic, anything is possible," Siegfried responded.

As fate would have it, Roy had smuggled Chico the cheetah onboard, liberating him from the zoo. So Siegfried & Roy began to develop the magic that would become their trademark.

Though the next five years were tough, traveling around Europe, playing small, unsophisticated clubs for little pay, they refused to become discouraged. Instead they focused on their magic and presentation.

Eventually, they got their big break when they were booked at the casino in Monte Carlo. There, they received a standing ovation from the many important people in the audience. One, a representative of the "Folies Bergere," tracked the illusionists down in Spain, asking if they were interested in going to Las Vegas.

They settled permanently at the Mirage Resort on the Las Vegas strip in 1990, in a showroom built especially for them, where their splashy and spectacular show featured disappearing tigers, pyrotechnics, and outlandish costumes.

The pair remained a Vegas staple until 3 October 2003, when Roy was critically injured when a tiger grabbed him by the throat and dragged him offstage during a performance. Their show at the Mirage was closed permanently. Roy has not fully recovered from the attack, and the performing future of Siegfried and Roy remains unclear.

However, on Febuary 28, 2009. The legendary duo took the stage once again for the first time since October 3, 2003. They performed a one-night only magical spectacular at Keep Memory Alive's "Power of Love" Gala at the Bellagio to benefit the mission of Lou Ruvo's Brain Institute. Thousand of fans where magically satiated as the two wizards displayed an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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