Shoot Ogawa (b. ?)


Shoot Ogawa's Real Name

Makoto Ogawa




Magician, Entertainer

Place of Birth

Tokyo, Japan








Shoot Ogawa possesses the uncanny ability of superior sleight-of-hand prowess. He is a close-up specialist in the field of magic and is also adept in the performance of stage magic.

Ogawa's signature magic effect is the "Ninja Rings."

Interesting Fact

In Japanese, Ogawa's stage name "Shoot" means "people gathered together," which correlates to what Ogawa's magic does; it brings people together under the umbrella of astonishment.


Shoot Ogawa was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He began practicing magic at the age of 10.

He found mentorship and training under Masahiro Yanagida, one of Japan’s most renown and respected magicians.

Shoot started off performing in Japan as a stage magician, and later decided to expand his career to the United Sates. He decided to pack light, leaving behind his big stage props and moved to America where he began performing as a close-up artist.

From 1993 to the present, Shoot has won first place in more than ten competitions. In 2002, he took first place in London's MacMillan International Magic Convention and amazed the magic world with his Doubled-Hand Matrix and Ninja Rings routines.

In March 2003, Magic Magazine featured Shoot on the cover. In the same year, and again in 2006, he was awarded "Magician of the Year" in the Close-up Category by the American Academy of Magical Arts.

What's more remarkable is that 2003 was his first year in America, and Shoot spoke very little English.

Shoot has been featured in many major events including the famous Rolling Stone Party. He has also been intimately involved in the Japanese community.

In January 2004, "Lighthouse," one of the most popular Japanese publications named Shoot Ogawa as one of the three best Japanese entertainers in America.

He has been featured on almost and every television channel in Japan and has performed his magic for talk shows, variety shows, and children's shows. He has produced more than ten videos featuring his original magic.

Shoot has also starred as a character in "Magic Master", a popular Japanese teenager comic book. Now living in the United States, Shoot speaks fluent English and he has maintained two homes - in Los Angeles near the Magic Castle and Las Vegas.

Shoot is a creator and performer of beautiful magic. Some of his most renowned tricks include the "Ninja Rings" and the "Muscle Pass" which he introduced to American magicians and helped make famous.

In Feb 2008, he introduced his "Laws of Attraction" illusion to the Blackpool Magic Convention to an exclusive audience of professional magicians.

His original magic has been featured in many magazines and tender through his numerous videos. He's also an advisor/consultant for TV and live events.

Ogawa was named the 2008 Parlour Magician of the Year by Media:Hollywood Magic Castle's Academy of Magical Arts.

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