Kevin Schaller

Kevin Schaller is only 16 years old and has been presenting the art of magic since the age of 10.

He has amassed a wealth of experience through performances, lectures and meetings with other magicians. He performs magic for adults and amazes them with intelligent humor and incredible illusions.

He wants to accomplish your wishes, to entertain people and to put a smile in their face.

Kevin Schaller (March 23, 1995) is a magic creator from Bensheim, Germany. Kevin became interested in magic after his grandfather gave him a magic book when he was only 10 years old. He started to practice easy tricks and showed them to his family and friends who really enjoyed watching him.

After some months of studying the art he realized that magic is what he wants to do. When he was 13, he started to perform in several theaters, clubs and parties all over Germany. Beside performing magic, Kevin came up with original magic tricks and sold them in magic shops in Germany.

In 2011 he suffered a second degree burn after a gig and wasn't able to perform for 6 weeks. During this time Kevin came up with lots of original magic effects. His creations have been featured in different magic magazines and have been released as downloads or DVDs worldwide.

When he was only 15 years, he created his first magic trick, a visual change of a card that sticks on a window.

A few months later he released the trick as a DVD in Germany. At this time he has been one of the youngest professional magicians in Germany.

His first DVD received very good critics so he decided to release some of his other creations too; one week before his 16th birthday he released his second DVD in Germany, called "Void“.

Yet again he received good reviews so he released the best tricks of the DVD in an English eBook, called Void too.

Phone: (+49) (0) 162 / 7995912


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