Belinda Roy aka Amila (b. 1983)


Belinda Roy's Real Name

Annika Amila-Lehnert





Place of Birth

Rheine-Westfalen, Germany


5' 4"






Amila possesses the ability to tame wild Crocodiles with a single kiss, eat and breathe fire and astound you with her spellbinding illusions and escapes.

Her signature illusion is an impossible escape act involving a plexiglass box and 15 razor sharp swords. The end result has Amila magically vanish from the box, having teleported into the middle of the audience.


Belinda Roy's (now known as Lady Amila) Spectacular illusions and dramatic stage productions have been bedazzling audiences from Germany to Las Vegas.

Amila delivers an energetic show full of music, dance and theatrics that keeps them coming back for more.

Amila was born Annika Lehnert on September 6, 1983 in Rheine/Westfalen Germany. She got into magic at the age of seventeen.

In 2006 at the age of 23, Amila landed her first major performance venue in Roncalli's Apollo Variety show called "Magic Spell," in Dusseldorf, Germany.

She performed their for 2 months, polishing and building her repertoire before starring in her own show "First Lady Of Illusion" at the Holiday Park in Hassloch/Paltinate.

In 2007, Amila's act took her to "Winter Wonderland" at the Pegasus vaudeville theater in Bensheim before flying to Las Vegas Nevada in 2008.

In Vegas she assisted entertainer Tino Ferreira in the "The Ultimate Show V," produced by David saxe, Melinda (First Lady of Magic) Saxe's brother. When Amila is working with Tino, she performs under the alias "Tammy".

That same year, she also performed as a mentalist under the pen name 'Lady Amila' at the Vaudeville-Et cetera in Bochum, Germany.

Amila worked with Wonder Works Entertainment, a German production company that provides illusion and entertainment shows for the leisure industry. The company produced "Belinda Roy-First Lady of Illusion" which starred Amila and a 4-head ballet of two males and two females.

In her show she mystified audiences by dissecting an assistant into 5 parts before restoring her in the blink of an eye. Amila also levitated cross-legged into the air, high above the ground surrounded by spectators.

For the finale, Amila performed a grand escape act which involved a transparent plexiglass box and 15 shining chrome swords. In the end, she vanishes from the box, only to magically reappear in the middle of the audience.

Amila, the only Mentalist & Illusionist in Germany, now owns her own company: "Amila Entertainment."

For more information see Belinda Roy aka Amila's website.

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