Dr. Robert Ing

As a mentalist and magician, or magician of the mind; a preferred moniker, Robert Ing has appeared on stage, television and on the streets of many North American cities over the years performing his own styling of 19th century magic of the mind, as Dr. Robert Ing, Doktor Luciferi and Zanoni The Magician.

From 1980 to 1990 he toured and performed classic illusions as Zanoni The Magician, and from 1990 to the present performs bizarre magic and mentalism as Doktor Luciferi; and is best known by this name when performing as an opening act for many regional heavy metal concerts.

He has used and uses his real name when conducting his 19th century style lectures and demonstrations of mind reading, the paranormal and occult themed demonstrations with a twist of the macabre and bizarre, in front of live audiences.

His latest tour, PERCEPTION is a two-hour lecture demonstration of mind reading and the paranormal, packed with audience participation that will tour major cities in North America and the United Kingdom in 2012.

While many who have seen his mentalism, mind-reading and cold reading demonstrations assume that he has some form of paranormal gift, he claims no such ability or gift.

He simply states such feats are accomplished as the result of "knowing how things work" using principles found in psychology, the art and science of illusion and the ability of being a good storyteller.

Despite offering such a disclaimer prior to every show, he has been credited as having an "81% accuracy rate" and has been referred to as a modern day Sherlock Holmes by Peter Howell of the Toronto Star, Brian McKecknie of CITY TV, Jesse Skinner of TORO Magazine and several others.

His ability to provide personal details of those he has just met is only over shadowed by his ability to perceive their thoughts.

All performances and lectures are presented to demonstrate that everyone is capable of wondrous and truly magical things with just their mind.

With, Dr. Ing's knowledge of the arcane and mundane, he is a purveyor of opportunity for all in attendance to realize what they once considered impossible to be extremely probable through the power that lies within their very being.

A graduate of the prestigious Cambridge Academy, he earned his associate's degree from Parker-Clinton College, his bachelor's and master's degree from LaSalle University and his Doctor of Science degree from Knightsbridge University, he is a graduate of the London School of Journalism and Certified in Subconscious Analysis & Reprogramming.

Dr. Robert Ing is based in Toronto and Ottawa performing mentalism, mind reading and conducting numerology readings for private or corporate hire.

Phone: 647-853-8981

Website: www.scienceofillusion.com

Client List

Bank of America Corporation
Honeywell International
American Express
General Electric
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Millennium Resort Hotels
(More client references upon request.)

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