Peter Marvey (b. 1971)


Peter Marvey's Real Name



Magician without limits


Magician, Illusionist, Illusion designer

Place of Birth

Zurich, Switzerland


5' 11"






Peter Marvey possesses the ability to create the illusion of flying. His signature illusion called "Dream Flying" is broken down into seven different flying systems.

Marvey invented a system to turn and move while flying in more directions than ever done before. He made it possible to fly in bright light, and was the first magician to change costumes in mid air. Aside from large-scale illusions, Marvey is also known for his skill in sleight-of-hand magic.

Interesting Fact

Marvey enjoys taking pictures and watching movies, especially comedies. He is fascinated by modern dream houses and ghostly castles with secret passages.


Peter Marvey was fascinated by magic as a child. He soon became aware of his talent in the conjuring arts and invested all his time and energy in it.

Magic became young Marvey's passion. At school, he was caught doing finger practice under his desk.

While still in high school, Marvey created his first illusion, a version of levitating a girl. Later on he interrupted his studies to become an architect for his magical passion because he was having more success with it than he had ever cared to dream. Marvey was a thinker; he invested most of his time inventing and creating mind boggling illusions.

Marvey's newer illusions are void of visible technology leaving a more raw and organic feel. His illusions are open and transparent; the usual cases and coverings are not used. He strips away big and visible apparatus including machines.

In the center, remains the artist, his magic and the basic dreams of man. Nowadays, every child knows that virtually anything can be achieved through machines and computers; the magician's abilities no longer seem magical.

Marvey feels illusions are most profound when stripped of any technological look and feel. This was a basic fact that Marvey already understood during his early studies in the field of magic.

Marvey went on to compete in several international magic competitions. His talent won him many awards, including third place at the FISM competition in Yokohama, Japan, the Golden Wand trophy in 1996 presented by Prince Albert of Monaco, and the Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society in 2002.

Marvey studied, designed and practiced for seven years to create an illusion called "Dream Flying," an illusion which stemmed from his childhood fascination of flying.

The flying illusion is considered to be one of the most difficult, most watched but also most dangerous illusions of all.

He first performed this illusion in Perpignan, France, in October 1999, for a magic convention. In 2001, he performed it live on TV.

Marvey created seven different flying systems so far to achieve this wonderful illusion. In addition, he created the legendary Flying Coach, Levitating Spectators, Haunted Balloon Basket, Flying Screen and other levitations.

Aside from flying illusions, Marvey has created many levitation systems and continues to push the envelope in his inventions in the illusion business. Marvey is currently on a world tour.

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