Percy Abbott (1886-1960)


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Percy Abbott




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Abbott has become an iconic figure in the world of magic. He is most famous for building a world renown magic manufacturing company from the ground up - Abbott's Magic Co.

Along with manufacturing numerous tricks and stage illusions, he created a classic effect called "Squash," so popular that is heralded by Abbott's as the "trick that built the Abbott Magic Company".

Interesting Fact

The first Abbott's Magic Get Together was Saturday, Sept. 15, 1934 and was attended by 80 magicians.


Percy Abbott was born in Australia on May 3, 1886. Abbott lost his parents as a child and was raised by a strict aunt. He set out to earn a living by doing odd jobs in Sydney.

It was in Sydney where Abbott took an interest in magic and opened a magic shop called Abbott Magic Novelty Company.

Throughout the early 20’s , Abbott toured the Orient, playing many small theaters and sometimes earning only enough for passage to the next island. He returned to Sydney and his shop periodically, when bookings and/or income failed. It was such a tour that brought him to the United States, where he enjoyed moderate success. Abbott set his sights on Michigan and made Colon his home.

In 1927, Colon’s first magic business was "established and arranged" between Abbott and Blackstone. Unfortunately, the two men had a falling-out and The "Blackstone Magic Company" was dissolved after only 18 months. Blackstone and Abbott never met publicly or privately for the rest of their lives. The great Blackstone never appeared at a Get-Together until after Abbott's death.

Abbott married a local girl Gladys Goodrich. They began playing schools and auditoriums for the next five years, earning enough income to stay afloat during the stock market crash of 1929. The couple added to their school dates with theater bookings and two summer sessions with a carnival.

In January of 1934, after his first child was born, Abbott opened a second magic store in Colon. He named this shop The Abbott Magic Company.

Abbott met Recil Bordner in March of 1934 and Recil borrowed $1,000 from his father and bought half interest in the company and a new partnership was formed.

In September of the same year, the new partners held an open house for magicians which marked the first Magic Get Together in Colon.

In 1959, Percy Abbott and his wife decided to finish their journey to England and retire. Percy sold his half of the business to Recil Bordner who became the sole proprietor of Abbotts magic.

In 1974, Recil brought his son, Greg, into the family business and Greg has brought Abbotts into the 21st century by combining the best of the old with the latest technology of today, thus keeping Abbotts Magic a place where magical illusion are not only bought and sold, but also designed, and created.

Today, Abbott is a name known the world over by magicians, and Abbotts Magic is the largest magic manufacturing company in the world.

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