PC Sorcar (1913-1971)


PC Sorcar's Real Name

Protul Chandra Sorcar


The Great Sorcar,
Jadusamrat (Emperor of Magic)
TWGM (The World's Greatest Magician)


Magician, Author

Place of Birth

Tangail, Bengal, British India




Dark Brown




PC Sorcar possessed the ability of superior showmanship with masterful skill in the area of stage illusions. He was known for his spectacular stage sets and costumes, particularly his "Maharaja robe" and plumed turban.

His signature stage effects are "Sputnik" Rocket Illusion, "Calcutta Illusion," "X-Ray Eye," "Water of India" and "Sawing Through a Lady Illusion."

Interesting Fact

PC Sorcar changed his family surname "Sorcar" into the English word "Sorcerer," and returned to his family name when he became popular.


P.C. Sorcar was born Protul Chandra Socar on February 23, 1913 into a middle class family in the small village of Ashekpur in Tangail district in Bengal (now modern day Bangladesh).

He was drawn to the art of magic at very early age and studied under magician Ganapati Chakraborty. Sorcar studied at Shibnath High School. While still at school, he started performing magic shows.

In 1933 he joined Amanda Mohan College and earned his B.A. with honors in Mathematics. After completing his education, he took up magic as a full-time profession.

Sorcar developed his own spectacular illusion show, entitled, Ind-Dra-Jal. The show displayed colorful costumes, elaborate stage settings and beautifully designed props.

He billed himself as the "Worlds Greatest Magician," and launched an elaborate advertising campaign consisting of beautiful programs, bold posters, giant billboards and various cards, flyers, etc. adorned in color.

In 1934, Sorcar gained notoriety performing in Japan and Kolkata, India. He subsequently toured about 70 countries, including the United States and the USSR.

His continued popularity broke theater attendance records around the world, and made numerous appearances on international television networks.

Sorcar amazed Chief Minister Ak Fazlul Huq, Chief Minister of undivided Bengal and East Bengal, by performing a magic trick at the Imperial Restaurant in Calcutta.

The Chief Minister was asked to write something on a plain sheet of paper and then he asked the other ministers to put their signatures under it. To Fazlul Huq's astonishment, the paper revealed his cabinet`s resignation and the appointment of P.C Sorcar as the new chief minister.

PC Socar received a great deal of publicity from a TV appearance in Britain in 1952; he performed his version of the Buzzsaw illusion, and the program went off the air before his "cut" assistant could be shown "restored."

The television stations' switchboard was immediately jammed by alarmed viewers concerned about the assistant's fate. Several newspapers headlined the story the next day.

Sorcar garnered many awards for his magic around the world, including the "The Sphinx," (Oscar of Magic) "German Goldbar;" "Golden Laurel Garland," "Dutch Tricks Prize;" and on January 26, 1964, the President of India honored him the title of "Padmashri" (the Lotus).

Sorcar joined a number of magic organizations around the world, including International Rotary Club, Royal Asiatic Society in London, and the societies of magicians in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Japan.

The Calcutta branch of the International Society of Magicians of USA was named after him, and a number of well respected writers of Europe have penned books on him, the most famous being “Sorcar: Maharaja of Magic."

During the course of his illustrious career, Sorcar contributed his writings to many magic articles, magazines and journals throughout the country, and authored over 22 books on magic, including "Hindu Magic," "History of Magic;" "Magic for You," and "Sorcar on Magic."

Sorcar died of a heart attack at the age of 58 in Ashaikawa, Hokkaidō, Japan, on January 6, 1971, where he was performing his famous Ind-Dra-Jal show.

PC Sorcar was married to Basanti Devi who passed away in 2009, and was succeded by three sons animator, director, and laserist Manick Sorcar and magicians P.C. Sorcar, Jr. and P.C. Sorcar, Young.

Prodip Chandra Sorcar Jr. took his father's place, continuing the family tradition and has performed throughout Asia, Europe, England and USA with considerable success.

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