Paul Vigil (b.?)

"Paul Vigil is soft-spoken and humble, but behind that compelling demeanor is a diabolical mind. He is one of the best magicians working today!" - Lance Burton


Real Name

Paul Ray Vigil




Magician, Mentalist, Lecturer, Inventor

Place of Birth

Utah, USA


Approx 5' 4"






Vigil possesses the uncanny ability to manifest innovative magic through his cerebral approach of astonishing his audiences.

He is a specialist at perceptual manipulation within the field of magical arts and focuses on close-up magic and mind bending mentalism for the thinking audience.

Interesting Fact

Vigil, a long time fan of the funk metal band Buckethead, not only went to see them perform, but showcased his magic as an opener for the band.


Paul Vigil was born December 4, and grew up in, and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Vigil's first discovery of the magical arts took place when he was around six years old.

One day he was strolling around the local library, when he stumbled upon "Greater Magic" by John Nornern Hilliard. He took the book home, systematically devoured it's content and never looked back.

As a young adult, he worked at a magic shop - "Showplace Magic," for ten years. There, he practiced and developed his performing chops for many patrons.

After graduating Tooele high school, Vigil attended Utah State University after being awarded the prestigious Minority Leadership Award Scholarship and All-American Academic Scholarship.

As a result of Vigil's exemplary accomplishments, Vigil garnered the esteemed Botanical Preservation Corporation Scholarship.

This led Vigil to focus his academic efforts on the spectrum of ethno-pharmacology and magic used throughout history.

He has continued this specialized study and uses his accumulated knowledge to both energize and expand the scope of his performance thinking.

After college, Vigil decided to follow his passion in magic and become professional performer.

He started to get massive bookings, and within a year, Vigil had become one of the most sought after performers in his native Salt Lake City.

Vigil set his sights on the big leagues of magic, and headed for the mecca of magic, Las Vegas.

There he met and befriended expert conjuror, Armando Lucero whom he worked with in perfecting his craft.

Vigil's other mentors included magic icons, such as Johnny Thompson, Channing Pollock, Eugene Burger, Jimmy Grippo and Paul Harris.

It was not long before Vigil joined the ranks of magic's biggest superstars, and by 2002, Vigil had established himself as one of the finest performers in America’s entertainment capital. 

Paul Vigil continues to usher his unique brand of wonder and astonishment to intelligent audiences around the world.

His cerebral approach has dazzled audiences at every major casino on the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

As the featured entertainer, Vigil has performed before Nobel Laureates and has enthralled audiences from every major casino on the Las Vegas Strip, to sold-out shows at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Vigil has also appeared on several popular television shows, including the Emmy award-winning Penn & Teller’s “Bullsh!t” and multiple performances on “Hocus Pocus," hosted by Fielding West and Teresa Livingstone.

Vigil's high-profile career and cutting-edge, creative contributions have not gone unnoticed by his peers. As a creator of magic, he has produced many popular magic effects, including Diplopia, Icon, and Sympathy (For The Devil) Cards.

His extraordinary talents has garnered him with many industry nominations and awards, including the celebrated “Magic Trick of the Year” award.

He is also in constant demand as a lecturer to present his revolutionary, thought-provoking theories, ideas and concepts to other performers.

In 2009, Vigil launched his hit close-up show "Transcendant" in Las Vegas to rave reviews from audiences and his peers alike. 

On August 10, 2010, Paul Vigil debuted as the resident performer in his weekly show, "Magic on the Patio," at King Ink inside the Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more information, visit Paul Vigil's official website.

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