Paul Kozak (b. ?)


Real Name

Paul Kozak


Kozak The Magician


Magician, Comic, Artist

Place of Birth



6' 4"




Dusky Brown


Kozak possesses the ability of superior sleight-of-hand and stage conjuring skills. He is a specialist in comedy magic and is a master showman.

Interesting Fact

Kozak is an artist specializing in oil painting and plays the Cello.


Paul Kozak began his magical journey as a street performer in his hometown of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

He spent 25 years Headlining Comedy Clubs all over the world, and in 1980, he won a "Gold Medal" from The International Brotherhood of Magicians for Sleight-of-Hand.

Since then, Kozak has appeared in countless TV specials and talk shows, including 'The Mad Men of Comedy Magic,' 'World's Greatest Magicians... At the Magic Castle,' The Joan Rivers and David Letterman show.

After touring the comedy circuit, Kozak moved to Las Vegas and signed a 5 year contract starring in "The World's Greatest Magic Show" at the Greek Isles Hotel & Casino.

The show was comprised of the 7 of the best magicians from all over the globe in one fast paced amazing Magical experience. Paul Hosted the show and performed along with such magic greats as Jeff McBride, Shimada, and Juliana Chen.

In 2005, Kozak was awarded The Merlin for "International Entertainer of the Year". "The Merlin Award" is the equivalent of an "Oscar" in the world of Magic.

Two years later he was awarded another Merlin for " International Comic Magician of the Year", previously won by Penn and Teller; and in 2008, he was again awarded The Merlin for an Unprecedented second year in a row for "International Comic Magician of the Year".

Kozak has made numerous National and International Television Appearances and did a "Command Performance" for Prince Charles and Princess Diana at "The Palladium" in London.

Kozak is currently based in Atlantic City, New Jersey, appearing in his own Show at The Tropicana Hotel Casino. I signed a 5 Year contract for a Comedy Magic Show.

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