Nick Nickolas (b. 1967)


Real Name

Nick Nickolas




Magician, Comedian, M.C., Street Performer, Entertainer

Place of Birth

London, England


5' 10"






Nick Nickolas possesses the ability to excel in a myraid of talents. A bona fide renaissance man, Nickolas is a comedian, magician, m.c., juggler, and impersonator among other talents. He has achieved international recognition as an entertainer and teacher among his peers alike.

As a superior street magician, Nickolas' signature effect is his award winning Cups and Balls routine, which obliterated the competition at the 2004 "Australian Magic Championships," and was asked for encore performance at the "World Magic Championships" in Sweden 2006.

Interesting Fact

After being mistaken for the real "Prince of Darkness" so many times in bars and on the street, Nickolas now presents a look-alike comedy version of Ozzy Osbourne for shows and promotional events.


NIck Nickolas was born in 1967 in London, England. As a child, Nick was fascinated by the art of magic. At age 12, he saw his first street magician perform on the streets of London. From that day on Nick's life was consumed by magic.

That same year young Nick received his first magic set, which continued to drive his passion for learning the art of conjuring.

In 1979, Nick met magician Jack Devlin at the "Old Tramshed" in Woolwich, S.E. London. Devlin was performing magic shows there every Saturday.

Young Nick approached Devlin asking if he could perform in his venue. Devlin, seeing the growing potential in Nick, allowed him to perform a 10 minute set every Saturday.

Devlin took Nick under his wing and taught him the fundamentals of conjuring. Some of Nick's friends, also eager in learning magic, joined in for lessons. Consequently, Devlin formed the "London School of Magic."

Every Wednesday Devlin's pupils would meet in South London. Nick, always eager to learn new tricks, was always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

As a budding magician, Nick's influences were magicians Dave Brown, Duncan Trillo, JJ and of course, Jack Devlin.

One day, Nick visited one of his friends, who's father sold sculptures in the Covent Garden market, the mecca of street entertainers and buskers in London.

It was there that Nick saw his first street magician, legendary street performer Cellini. A week later, at age 15, Nick was out on the cobbles of Covent Garden with a set of linking rings, a head chopper and little red hanky.

In 1987, Nick was awarded the "Time Out" Street Magician of the Year in London. Adding juggling, escape acts and comedy to his repertoire, he took his show across the globe.

Nick toured over a dozen countries, including USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Holland, France and Singapore.

He entered many international magic competitions and garnered several awards, including "Lotto World Buskers Championship" - New Zealand, "Best Street Performer" - Australia, "Rotterdam Straatfest" - Holland, and "Peoples Choice Award" - Canada.

In the '90s, after performing various venues in Fiji, NIck took up residence in New Zealand working the club circuit, television, corporate events and opening for rock bands. Nick continued to amaze and mystify audiences globally through the next decade.

Currently, Nick Nickolas is based in Australia and continues to travel the world performing. In his leisure time, Nick finds solace in his Melbourne home, writing reviews and stories from his journeys in performing around the world.

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