Mario Morris (b. 1968)


Real Name

Mario Edwin Morris


Marlo, Marlo the Celtic Magician


Magician, Street Performer, Teacher, Lecturer

Place of Birth

South Wales








Mario possesses the ability of superior street performing skills and specializes in busking, comedy magic, escapology and the art of cons/scams. His signature street magic effect is the cups and balls routine.

Interesting Fact

Mario is a Welsh man with Spanish Gypsy roots.


Mario Edwin Morris was born in South Wales in 1968. At the age of 12, Mario became a street trader (a pitch man). During this time he developed an uncanny ability to read the streets, attract an audience and to sell.

Among his peers he is seen to have almost a supernatural ability to read and predict the weather pattern for the day. He was known as "Mario the Weather man."

In 1984, Mario started his journey towards performing while traveling the World.

Mario's early years at making a living on the streets were very difficult. He tried making money by doing all sorts of odd jobs. He even took a crack at playing the drums on the streets.

One day while watching a performer in Convent Garden, England, Mario witnessed a miracle. He saw a Busker take a yellow silk hanky that he placed into his hand and he opened it and it was gone. Only to be reproduced from his mouth.

Mario was instantly hooked on magic, and since that day he has built up an international reputation as a Comedy Magician, Street Performer.

Mario has performed at hundreds of venues across the world. He is an expert in teaching the subject of Street Theatre. He has taught at the European Juggling Convention (twice), and the British juggling Convention (Four times).

He has also the founder and teacher of the School of Busking - a yearly training and resource center held in the UK, offering courses in the art/history of busking and how to become a busker. In addition, Mario has taught and trained leading Church Organizations how to make their message relevant in the modern day.

In his shows, Mario takes you on a journey of hysterical mystery, danger and comedy chaos. He brings his life experiences and skillful magic together to deliver comedy magical moments in peoples lives - young and old alike.

Morris has also been the recipient of numerous awards, including two UK national awards in 2006.

More recently Mario has performed in the UK, Canada and Europe - London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Oxford, Vancouver, Victoria Island, Portugal, Lisbon, Holland, France and Spain.

In 2010, Mario has been invited to lecture at the world famous "Black Pool Magic Convention" in England.

For more information, visit Mario Morris' official website.

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