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"my mother was psychic, my father was telepathic ... that makes me psychopathic!" Unknown

I love mind reading tricks. Imagine having the apparent ability to tap into peoples minds and read their thoughts, predict their future, or just simply - messing with their brains.

When you tell your spectator you're going to read their thoughts, many begin to question your apparent powers, asking themselves, "Can he/she really read my mind?"

They may feel vulnerable, uneasy, unsure if you can truly break through their mental barriers and extract their inner most secrets. Then you build up the suspense, gaze into their eyes and whammo! They are left astonished!

Below are a compilation of great mind reading tutorials that are easy to master. All our videos have been carefully reviewed and selected to give you the best training in the magical arts.

Practice them, perfect them, then go out and befuddle their brains!


Colored Card Prediction

Whammo Bammo Psychic Prediction

Card Force

Card Force Variation

Three Card Prediction

Newspaper Prediction

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