Michael Lee (?-?)


Real Name

Michael Lee




Mentalist, Illusionist, Escape Artist,

Street Performer

Place of Birth





Dark Blue




Michael possesses the ability to accurately read thoughts; manipulate objects by use of supreme sleight-of hand skills, create mind-blowing displays of illusion and escape from any physical restraint.

Lee is recognized as one of the World's Great Escape Artist having duplicated and elaborated on all of Houdini's escapes, as well as Escaping from over 1,800 different makes of handcuffs; and escaping over 13 jail cells and maximun security prison cells to date.

Interesting Fact

Michael was given last rites on 2 occasions, diagnosed by physicians to never walk again; and at times, overly opinionated and passionate.


Canadian-born Michael Lee was stricken with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 8.

Confined to a hospital bed for months, suffering tremendous pain and being told by attending physicians that he might never walk again; Lee became determined to prove them wrong.

Within two years Lee was completely healed. He considers this to be a miracle and his first escape.

At an early age Lee was given the first of many  books that would forever change his life: "Houdini: a Mind in Chains."

The book equated certain aspects of the human condition to imprisonment and Houdini’s escape act a symbol of breaking out of that imprisonment. Lee had experienced his own imprisonment - that of illness. This was something that he could identify with.

The next 2 books were given to him by his first magic teacher, Bruce Armstrong; the first was "Tarbell Course in Magic - Vol. 1," and The 2nd book was entitled, "Street Magic" by Ed Claflin/ Jeff Sheridan.

Years later, when Lee was 18, he became interested in busking after seeing both Gazzo and Jeff Sheridan at a street festival that came to my town in Canada.

Up until that time Lee performed to wide recognition as a professional Mentalist, Hypnotist and Escape Artist appearing throughout Canada and the Eastern US. His early mentor was famed hypnotist Peter Reveen.

Approximately 7 years later, he decided to leave Canada and move to the U.S.A. where he once again reconnected with his friend/teacher, Jeff Sheridan.

Lee was not only exposed to Busking , but more specifically studied the art of Card manipulation under Sheridan, which he performs in his show to this day.

Another of Lee's dear Friends/Teachers is Frank Brents of Louisville, KY who toured the world to the delight of millions. Frank ended his act w/ the production of 6 live Ducks!

In 2000 after many request he released "Michael Lee Millennium Cups" to great acclaim, used by street performers and endorsed many top Pro's worldwide.

His friend Gazzo says "a performer can't afford to use cheap equipment." Lee Agrees and highly recommends Gazzo's handmade Pouches.

These days Lee performs mainly Corporate events, but has also been priveleged to have entertained President and Mrs. Clinton, among Many other notable individuals.

On occasion Lee will perform his street act at Ren Faires and Performance Festivals throughout the world.

The purity and the rawness of Busking/Street performing is really what appeals to Lee. It is in the truest sense the most essential depiction of the Conjurer's Art.

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