Michael Grandinetti (b. ? )


Real Name

Michael Grandinetti




Magician, Magic Consultant

Place of Birth

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US


5' 11"




Dusky Brown


Michael possesses the ability of superior sleight-of-hand and illusionary skills. Michael also holds vast knowledge in the magical arts.

Interesting Fact

Also an accomplished musician, Michael studied the piano for over 10 years. This definitely helped keep his fingers limber for sleight-of-hand magic.


Michael Grandinetti was born February 22, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Michael first took up the art of magic at the age of 5.

When he was just 20 years old, Michael created and produced his own two-hour show at Pittsburgh’s historic Byham Theater.

Michael’s incredible magic has been featured on NBC’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II”, “Entertainment Tonight”, ''New York Today", "FOX & Friends", "Crook & Chase", and "The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon", two years in a row.

Michael has also appeared on radio stations across the country, including several nationally syndicated broadcasts.

In addition, Michael has created and developed custom presentations for Fortune 500 companies and major corporations including Mazda, Hewlett Packard, Grainger, The American Marketing Association, Harley-Davidson, and has designed original illusions for national and international film, television, and stage productions.

In 2009, the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies invited Michael to open one of their home games at Citizens Bank Park stadium with his original, large-scale visual illusions.

During the show, Michael made the 7ft, 300lb Phillies mascot, The Phanatic, instantly appear in the outfield, teleported selected Phillies items from one side of the field to the other, caused 200 baseballs to fill a once empty box, and levitated 15ft over the pitcher’s mound to retrieve the game ball.

After the 5th inning, Michael performed one of the largest live interactive illusions in history when he predicted the thoughts of each and every person in the stadium at the same time.

With his unique ability to design and incorporate magic to fit any theme, Michael’s work has been featured in sales programs, trade shows, and corporate galas around the country, showcasing his client’s products, messages, and team members in unique and memorable ways.

When The American Marketing Association wanted to illustrate ”communication at the speed of light”, Michael caused a computer to teleport across the stage in the blink of an eye and made their CEO magically appear from a two-dimensional video projection screen. And this is just the beginning of what Michael can create.

During the performance, a sold-out crowd of twelve-hundred people watched in amazement as Michael made a 500 lb. Harley-Davidson motorcycle appear in mid-air, brought a painting of a beautiful woman to life, and levitated on the point of a razor sharp sword.

That same year, Michael was honored to receive the City of Pittsburgh’s “All-Star Achievement Award”, given to those who have carved positive and noteworthy paths in their industry.

As a tribute to one of magic’s legendary performers, Doug Henning, Michael repeated the illusion using Doug’s original equipment, this time levitating actress Rachelle Wells high above the beach in Santa Monica, California.

Michael's other live performances include over 150 show at the world-famous Magic Castle (one of the few performers to headline in all three showrooms), CBS Television's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular and the Woman of Valor Gala in Beverly Hills with celebrity organizers including Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

As a respected Creative Consultant, Michael Grandinetti is also very accomplished behind the scenes. His original illusion designs have been featured at the Grand Palace in Branson and on the television series “Paolo Limiti” in Italy.

Michael was also contacted to contribute an original illusion for the Pamela Anderson show at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

In addition, Michael taught magic to the actors on the CBS Daytime Drama "The Bold and the Beautiful" for one of their storylines, consulted on a national commercial featuring sleight of hand for the United States Treasury, and provided additional touches for the instructions on a unique piece of close-up magic being marketed by David Blaine and Daniel White.

Michael is also featured in the book "Variety Acts: Gaining Respect" along with six other noted illusionists, including famed Las Vegas performer Lance Burton.

Information credit: Michael Grandinetti

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