Michael Ammar (b.1956)


Real Name

Michael Ammar




Magician, Lecturer, Author

Place of Birth

Charlestown, WV. USA


Approx: 5' 8"




Light Red Hair


Ammar possesses the superior ability of sleight-of-hand. Ammar is a specialist in the branch of close-up magic and is endowed with immaculate manual dexterity and manipulative skills.

Interesting Fact

In 1984, Ammar married Hannah Tucker whom was the daughter of famous magician Frances Willard.


Michael Ammar was born in Charlestown, West Virginia on June 25, 1956. Raised in the small city of Logan, WV, Ammar is the youngest of four children to A.S. "Buddy" and Betty Ammar.

Michael was drawn to magic when he saw an ad on the back of a comic book, "250 Tricks for 25 cents." He sent for the order catalog and was forever changed by magic.

He met fellow West Virginian, Bill Smith, who helped Michael with the fundamentals of magic, mentoring him through his path in magic.

Young Michael earnestly studied the craft, practicing day and night, working on his very own magic act. His show would feature dove magic, linking rings and other classic parlor effects.

In 1976 he was announced Magician of the Year by the Mountain State Mystics. However, in 1977, when Michael was asked to perform his stage act at the MagiFest in Columbus, OH., things didn't go so smoothly.

Michael regarded his performance terrible; he was so upset about the act, that he gave all magic props away to the stage manager.

He walked away from magic, only to discover that his passion for the art was too strong; so he decided to return to his craft and focus on close-up magic.

Michael attended West Virginia University, and of course he continued to hone his skills in magic. incidentally, he would frequently perform at the college campus hang-out, "The Blue Tick Tavern." He graduated with a degree in Business in 1978.

His father owned a chain of Bonanza Steak Houses; he had hoped Michael would take over the family business after college.

However, Michael pleaded to his parents to allow him to prove he could make it in the magic industry. His parents gave him their blessing, and Michael set out to make magic.

In 1977 and 1978, he took first place awards at the Southern Coast Sleight-of-Hand Competition. Also in 1978, he won first place in the Sleight-of-Hand competition from the Society of American Magicians.

In 1980, Michael was invited to perform at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA; as a result, he was nominated as "Visiting Magician of the Year."

The same year, he was nominated for Lecturer of the Year, and won "Close-Up Magician of the Year" a year later.

In 1982, Michael sent waves through the magic community when he competing against magicians from 22 countries and became the second American in the 45-year history of the event to win the Gold Medal at the World Sleight-of-Hand Championship at FISM in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Michael again made history a year later, becoming the youngest person to ever win the Magic Castle's Lecturer of the Year award.

Michael moved from West Virginia to Los Angeles in 1983, allowing him to be closer to his friend and mentor, Dai Vernon.

That same year, Johnny Carson invited Michael to perform on The Tonight Show twice: 1983 and 1984. Merv Griffin also invited Michael to perform on The Merv Griffin Show ten times.

Michael has performed the world over, and has been featured on numerous TV specials, including International Magic Awards, The Worlds Greatest Living Magicians, CNN Headline News, and the Worlds Greatest Magic Tricks Ever.

He was co-editor of the Magical Arts Journal, and his books include Encore II, Encore III, Success In Magic and The Topit Book, among others.

Michael Ammar's career is currently touring the globe, lecturing and offering workshops teaching magic. Incidentally, He has probably taught more magic to more magicians than anyone worldwide.

For more information, visit Michael Ammar's official website.

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