Mentalists are those who perform an art which encompasses extraordinary feats of the mind. This ability encompasses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion as well as masterful manipulation of thoughts and behavior.

Mentalism has been around for centuries. One of the earliest recorded acts of mentalism was in 1572, by magician Girolamo Scotto.

Various forms of Extrasensory perception are used as well as Psychokinesis; the ability to make inanimate objects move by the power of the mind alone. today mentalism has been popularized by magicians David Blaine, Criss Angel and Derren Brown.

Feel free to browse through these master mind readers from around the world.

Mind Readers



Brian Gillis & Sisuephan

Max Maven

Guy Bavli

Derren Brown

Angela Funovits

Amazing Kreskin

Gerry McCambridge

Kitty Baldwin

Tim Conover


Keith Barry

Uri Geller

Richard Osterlind

Joseph Dunninger

David Berglas

Al Koran

Theodore Annemann

Bob Cassidy

Chan Canasta

Ehud Segev

The Piddingtons

The Zancigs

Deddy Corbuzier

Marc Paul (b. 1968) - British mentalist and magician who was voted "Best Mind-reader" at the World Magic Awards in 1999. He has also starred in his own TV series, entitled "Mind Games."

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