Mega Illusionists

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Who are these Illusionists, and what's so "Mega" about them?

Well... imagine a 3 ton elephant vanishing in a puff of smoke, or a red Lamborghini levitating in mid air surrounded by a ring of spellbound spectators, or how about a helicopter magically materializing on stage before a captivated audience.

These masters of the impossible are mere magicians who specialize in taking grand scale illusions and super sizing them. It's like a magic trick on steroids!

This category of magic can also refer to the manipulation of inanimate objects of enormity.

For example, the vanishing of the Statue of Liberty or moving a mountain from one point of origin to another. These particular feats of magic were made popular by illusionists Franz Harary and David Copperfield.

Many of these colossal conjurers continue to push the envelope and can be seen throughout Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Please feel free to browse these monumental magicians from around the world.

Mega Illusionists

Franz Harary

David Copperfield

Siegfried and Roy

Harry Blackstone, Jr.

Dirk Arthur

Brett Daniels

Andre Kole

Steve Wyrick

Kirby VanBurch

Joaquin Ayala

Rick Thomas

Mark Kalin

Illusionists: Europe/Asia

Peter Marvey

JC Sum

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