Vic Gisin

Created specially for your event by Illusions by Vick, Enjoy Original Illusions "Dinner", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", "The Rites of Spring", "Through the Looking Glass", "Hearts" & "Floating Butterflies" along with other astonishing performance pieces. Vick has been mystifying audiences for over 12 years, with 2,500+ performances.

Based In: Ellicott City • Telephone: 443.540.9631
• Performs: Stage Magic.

Gabriel Rose

Gabriel Rose - known as Victor jones is a young magician and expert in the field of psychomagic. He is best known for performing deathly tricks, and makes people believe in the impossible. He's has performed for Anthony May and other celebrities all over the world.

Based In: Landover • Telephone: 202.377.4897
• Performs: Close-Up, Stage, Mentalism.

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