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abbot, anthony

Pen name of Fulton Oursler

abbott, annie may

Abbott, Bill

Abbott, David P.

Abbott, Percy

Absolon, Blanka

Acer, David

Ackerman, Allen (b. ?) American magician ho specializes in sleight of hand magic with playing cards. A student of cardician legend Ed Marlo, Allen has written a series of books, and performed on several instructional DVDs. He has also been a professor of mathematics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Adams, E Clinton (?-?) An American magician from South Bend, Indiana in the early 1900s. He toured the Lyceum and Chautauqua circuits across the nation. A master of close-up magic, Adams presented a full evening show showcasing merely his sleight-of-hand skills, and without the use of any apparatus.
( magician biographies )

Adair, Ian

Adams, Graham (b. November 15, 1893 - May 21, 1974) A British magician from Citadel, Carlisle, England, who specialized in card magic. Adams lectured and wrote articles on Erdnase for Peter Warlock's "Pentagram" magazine. He also hosted the annual "Graham Adams Nights" of magic, from 1927-1970.

Adams, S.S.

Adelphia, Del

Adrian, Mons.

Ady, Thomas (?-?) 17th century English physician, humanist and author who wrote "A Candle In The Dark," a book published in 1656 which contained a section on performance magic. Some of the material therein was similar to Reginald Scot's "The Discovery Of Witchcraft." - magician biographies

Agoston, Chevalier

Ai and Yuki

Aich, Jewel

Ainslie, Arthur (1871-1940), born Wellesley Odell Pain, was an English magician and author who was probably the ghost writer for many magic books. Ainslie would pose "Unsolved Problems" in The Magician Monthly magazine, in which he would outline an idea for a trick, and challenge his readers in devising a way to perform it. ( magician biographies )

Akopjan, Arutjun (1918-2005), born Arutjun Amajakowitsch Akopjan, was a Russian illusionist and actor who began performing professionally in the 1930's in Moscow. He became Russia's most beloved illusionist, garnering many accolades throughout his illustrious career.

Alachini (1895-1970), aka Bronislaw Szymanski, A Polish illusionist who performed large-scale feats of magic. He was also a professional magic designer and watchmaker. - magician biographies

Aladdin, Johnny

Alan, Alan

Alan, Don


Albenice, John (1913-1957) - American nightclub magician who toured North and South America; inventor of "Serpent Silk and author of "Reel Magic." He died of a heart attack at the Ambassador Hotel in New York City, minutes before starting his act, "Albenice and His Baby Chicks."

Alberti (?-?), aka Gustav Alberti. French magician who performed in the mid-1800's, and was reputed to have invented the "Ambitious Card." - magician biographies

Alberto, Harold (1882-1964), aka Harold McAuliffe. Australian comedy magician, famous for his "More Water!" growing plant routine. He committed suicide in California after years struggling with severe clinical depression.


Albright, Howard P. (?-1947), American magician, Inventor of numerous card effects, and author of many books, including "Forbidden Wisdom," "Super-Psychic Mental Effect," and "Party Trix A La Carte." / Magician Biographies


Aldrich, Charles T


Alexander (1880-1954) German magician, aka Alexander the Conjuror. First magician to perform at the White House and influenced Harry Houdini. - magician biographies

Alexander The Magician (b.?) aka Alex Osborn - American magician who was a student of Michael Night. As a busker, he trained under Doug Conn, and has performed heavily in America and Europe.

Alfredson, James B (b. 1937) American magician and co-compiler of a landmark bibliography of English language magic periodicals and the author of "Newmann: The Pioneer Mentalist." He is a former editor of "Magicol: the journal of the Magic Collectors' Association."

Ali Bey (1905-1975) aka David Charles Lemmy, a British illusionist who gained notoriety as an Arab magician between 1945 and the mid 1950s; dubbed "The Great Arabian Wizard!"

Ali Bongo


Allen, Ken (b. ?) American magician, dealer and manufacturer in New Jersey; among the many popular effects he has created are "Jumping Gems" and "Chinatown Quarter." He later retired to Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

Allan, Lyman (?-1992) aka Lyman H. Allen, Jr., American magic dealer and inventor of "Blok-Kord" and his "The Novelty Box Selection." He was a fifty year member of the SAM Parent Assembly in New York City.

Allen, Stan (b.1950) American magician specializing in comedy magic, and is noted for his popular routine with a puppet rabbit named Stewart. He is currently the publisher of MAGIC magazine.

Allerton, Bert


• Alma, Mysterious

• Alma, Will

Alonzo, Ed

• Alvaro, Professor N.P.

• Alyett

• Amac, Bill

• Amalfi

Amazing Johnathan


• Amroise


Ammar, Michael

• Amwell, Lord

Amyx, Andy

• Anderson, Alice Hannah

• Anderson, Gene

Anderson, Harry

• Anderson, John Henry

Anderson, Leslie (b. 1952) American magician specializing in mentalism. She most often performs in a two-person mentalist act or an escape routine with husband Harry Anderson. She is also co-author of "Eight Brass Monkeys."

Anderson, Louise (?-?) aka "Second-Sighted Sybil" and "Retro-Reminiscent Mnemosyne." She performed one of the earliest two-person mental act routines with her father John Henry Anderson during the mid-19th century.

• Andre, Bob

• Andrews, Val

• Andrus, Jerry

• Andruzzi, Tony

Angel, Criss

• Angelico, Sam

Annemann, Theodore

• Ansbach, Salo

• Anverdi, Tony

• Argus

• Armitage, Frank Guy

• Armstrong, George

• Arrowsmith, George

• Arthur, Dirk

• Ascanio Y Navaz, Arturo De

Asher, Lee

• Astley, Philip

• Atkins, Jeffrey

• Atkins, Tommy

• Aubrey

Autumn Morning Star

• Auzinger, Max

• Avis, Jack

Ayala, Joaquin

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