'Magic Babe' Ning (b. 1982)


Real Name

Ning Cai


'Magic Babe' Ning



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Aside from being an accomplished magician, Ning also possesses the masterful ability of escapology.

She attempted South East Asia's first ever mega escape from " The Impalement Cage" In front of a live audience of more than 4000 people.

While blindfolded, Ning picked her way through handcuffs, locks, shackles and chains to free herself from a steel cage with a bed of 13 stainless steel spikes, timed to crash down on her in 90 seconds.

Interesting Fact

Ning dislikes being typecast as a typical female in magic who plays submissive roles to males and only performs magic with silks, flowers, umbrellas or rabbits. She incorporates samurai swords, twirling fire balls, spikes and weapons in her show.


'Magic Babe' Ning has been called "Singapore's Only Professional Female Magician" by all major national newspapers as well as many magazines including: The Straits Times, TODAY, Vanilla, and AsiaOne.

Ning takes the art of magic and beautifies it with her exotic good looks and glamour.

She was voted the "16th sexiest woman in the world in 2008" by FHM Singapore and is best known for successfully attempting South East Asia’s first ever mega escape from “The Impalement Cage” in front of 4000 people in July 2008.

'Magic Babe' Ning was born Ning Cai on Oct 16, 1982 in Singapore. Her first exposure with magic was when she was 5 years old and watched David Copperfield on TV.

Her interest was revived in 2004 when she was involved with charity work for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and performed magic at their events.

At the same time, she became one of the founding members (as acknowledged by the creator) and moderators of Singapore Magic Circle (SMC), an on-line magic community and forum.

In 2006, she joined a local magic competition and came in 3rd place. This led her to join J C Sum’s magic production house as a performer and marketing communications manager; after graduating with a degree in Mass Communications from RMIT.

“The Impalement Cage,” One of ning's mega escapes marked the official launch of “Ultimate Magic,” Singapore’s First Permanent Illusion Show that currently stars 'Magic Babe' Ning & J C Sum.

Located at The Arena in Clarke Quay, Ultimate Magic features many different illusions, including many never before seen in Asia.

Besides performing, Ning runs several businesses. She was the owner of ‘The Little Magic Shop’, an online magic shop. In 2007, she rebranded the business and changed it to Magic Boutique that she calls “The Little Magic Shop all grown up!” Magic Boutique is the official reviewer for Asia for Murphy’s Magic Supplies, U.S.A.

She is also the co-founder (along with J C Sum) and creative director for Mighty Magic Factory, a kids’ educational & entertainment company.

Ning believes in charity work and has worked on projects for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. She has adopted a Mongolian Boy through World Vision.

She is comfortable with her sexy image on stage and she feels she has the talent to back it up.

'Magic Babe' Ning's influences in magic include David Copperfield, Princess Tenko and J C Sum. Her interests outside of magic include of art, origami, motor-cross racing and violin.

For more information, visit 'Magic Babe's' official website.

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