Maartje van Olst
aka Mara (b. 1981)


Real Name

Maartje van Olst




Magician, Illusionist, Entertainer

Place of Birth

Zwolle, Netherlands


5' 11"






Mara possesses the ability to invoke visceral emotion through her performances; blending the audiences perception of illusion and reality, and giving them a feeling of awe and wonderment.

She has an affinity for theatrics and enjoys the magic acts with a storyline - for example, their very romantic "levitation illusion."

Interesting Fact

Mara is the most technical person of the magic trio. When they design new illusions, she is the one overseeing all procedural and methodological aspects, providing technical solutions.


Mara was born Maartje van Olst on August 4, 1981 in Zwolle, Netherlands.

Her interest in magic goes back to her early childhood.

When Mara was about ten years old, she did a project at school about magic and decided to write a letter to famed Holland magician Hans Kazàn (father of magicians Oscar and Renzo).

Kazàn responded very kindly and left quite an impression on Mara,

A few years later Mara met Oscar during dancing lessons, and told him the story about the letter to his father. That´s how Oscar discovered Mara's interest in magic. 

When Oscar came up with the idea to start a magic group with his brother Renzo, he asked Mara to participate as well.

In 1996, the three of them united and worked together as "Magic Unlimited."

They became regular guests for the popular TV show "The Magic & Mystery Show" in the Netherlands.

The magic trio made headline news as the youngest illusionists in the world to perform in Las Vegas; they were only 14, 15 and 16.

Magic Unlimited has since appeared on many magic specials for Dutch TV, which have been aired in a multitude of countries, including China, Korea and Indonesia.

In 2004, they received three international awards from the hands of Prince Albert of Monaco.

They tour Europe with their complete 2-hour show - jam-packed with cutting edge illusions and magic, with contemporary music; dance, special effects and romance. Apart from the grand illusions and her solo acts, Mara is always busy developing, improving and polishing the show.

The thing she loves the most about the show is to see the wonderment and joy the audience receives from their performances. To Mara, Magic Unlimited = happy magic!

Currently they have three-month engagement performing at the Resort Torrequebrada in the south of Spain.

Their European tour 2011 will take Magic Unlimited to the Rock of Gibraltar.

For more information, visit Magic Unlimited's official website.

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