Luna Shimada (b. 1966)


Real Name

Luna Shimada


The Feminine Force of Magic



Place of Birth

Sydney, Australia








Shimada possesses the ability of immaculate skill in the art of conjuring. She injects her magic with a sense of mystery, beauty and wonderment. Her signature piece of magic is a dazzling number with parasols.

Interesting Fact

Shimada is a dog lover and owns a rare blue and gold Pomeranian named Micah.


She is unmistakable, from her makeup to her elaborate costumes.

She is exotic, forceful, and altogether feminine in her nature just as her name implies.

She is of course, LUNA, daughter of legendary magician Shimada, from Japan and Australian born beauty, Deanna.

Luna was born in Sydney, Australia and was just eight years old when she first started to work with her legendary father, assisting him in all the technical aspects of the show.

At 12, she joined him on stage as his assistant, looking very much like a young adult and has been on stage ever since.

In her early career, she went under her original name SHIMADA, her father’s name.

However, it wasn’t long before the comparisons started and then the inevitable confusion that followed when ever various agents attempted to contact her, thinking Luna to be her father.

So in order to set her apart from her father and also make a statement about who she was as an individual, she changed the spelling of her last name from Shimada to SHEmada, emphasizing the feminine difference between them - like a female Shimada.

This change was questioned many time in magic circles and had been a source of confusion and even resistance at times, however, she defended her stance and has carried her name for more than 12 years.

In 2006, she has come full circle with her last name and has decided to return home, to her family roots and perform under Shimada. 

She has been performing in top venues across four continents from Europe to Japan to America, and of course, the showrooms of Las Vegas.

Shimada's talents have also been featured in countless American network TV specials, such as the PBS series “Art of Magic” and “Mystery’s of Magic”,  “Magic’s Greatest Illusions” on TLC and “ Grand Illusions, The Story of Magic” for Discovery.

Shimada performs a dazzling number with Parasols which her father began in his early career.

Although, the parasols are Japanese by tradition, she has taken the theme to another level, magically producing  these parasols from thin air with her bare hands, weaving it into a magical dance of colorful images and designs.

The parasols are all decoratively imprinted with Sun, Moon, Yin/Yang, Spider web, Planets and Nebula’s. These designs communicate a dialogue of the magical forces of nature in a subtle way.

Shimada is a philosopher at heart. She studies many different philosophies and likes to keep an open mind.

She finds her inspiration in nature, music, and the planets, all which belie the true magic of the Universe.

She is married to world renowned magician Losander and is currently taking a break from magic in order to spend time raising her three children: Tara, Adam and Ione.

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