Lennart Green (b.1941)


Lennart Green's Real Name

Lennart (Last Name Unrevealed)




Magician, Cardician, Lecturer,

Place of Birth

Västervik, Sweden








Lennart Green possesses the uncanny ability to memorize cards in impossible locations - and ways of bringing shuffled decks back to numerical order.

He is a master of close-up card magic, and is known for his apparent chaotic routines which are highly original and display great dexterity.

His signature card effect is his incredible "Laser Deal" or "Snap Deal."

Interesting Fact

Green competed at the 1988 FISM convention in Den Haag, Netherlands, and was erroneously disqualified because the judges incorrectly believed he had used confederates in his card shuffling act.

In 1991, he performed the same act but insisted that the judges themselves shuffle the cards to prove that he used no stooges. As a result, the judges awarded him first place.


Lennart Green was born born December 25, 1941 Västervik, Sweden.

He was the second of six children; he has two sisters and three brothers.

Green's interest in Magic began with small tricks and puzzles that his mother showed him. At the age of 18 and began studying books on the subject.

Green was especially fond of card tricks, however, books on card technique and handling lacked dimension and detail. So he took a pack of cards and started mastering card methods which felt comfortable for him.

Lennart worked during summer vacation at a mental hospital. The night shift allowed him to the time to practice his sleight of hand. Similar work at a prison gave him the opportunity to try out his routines on the inmates.

These workplaces gave him the opportunity to practice and perfect his card handling technique.

His first audience were the other nurses at the hospital where he performed various close-up effects.

In 1961, Green moved to Gothenburg where he worked as caretaker on cruise ships to the United States.

When he was twenty-eight, he met card magician Arne "Max Milton" Strombom. Max became Green's first teacher Lennart and life-long friend.

In 1978, one of Green's biggest influences, Dai Vernon , was invited to Sweden. Green had the honor of accompanying and showing the Professor around Sweden for eleven days.

Lennart studied medicine and became a general practitioner for over 15 years, but in 1992, after he made a name for himself by taking home first place at the 1991 FISM competition in Lausanne, Switzerland, he quit the medical field.

Green quickly became a sought-after performer and lecturer. His performances have been in demand all over the world, from high society functions at private clubs, to his TV appearance on NBC's "The World's Greatest Magic."

He also published and marketed many of his noted close-up effects and methods, including "Classic Green," 7 volumes and "Green Magic," 6 volumes.

Green has a great interest in puzzles and mathematical principles, especially those that can be applied to the Magic.

In 2008, he published a small book, lecture notes, called "Northern Lights Green Magic" (The Magic of Northern Lights Green), with live effects based on mathematical principles.

Lennart Green is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and lectures internationally.

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