Laura London (b. 1984)


Laura London's Real Name

Laura Cutler


Mistress of Magic


Close-Up, Cabaret Magician

Place of Birth

London, United Kingdom


Approx. 5' 1"






Laura possesses the ability of sleight-of-hand prowess. She is an expert close-up magician specializing in cards. One of her signature stage effects is her version of the "Misers Dream" and Note To Walnut.

Interesting Fact

Laura became the youngest female in the Magic Circle, passing her exam just 2 weeks after her 18th birthday.


Laura London was born Laura Cutler in London, England on March 10, 1984.

Laura has alway's been a performer from a very young age having starred in several adverts as a child including Cornflakes, British Airways and even had her first role at the tender age of one in a pampers advert.

Laura grew up always knowing she wanted to be on stage and magic was her number one passion so in 2002 "Laura London" was born. 

She has been working as a professional close up and cabaret magician ever since.

Her ability to mix naturally with any level of the public and her natural intelligence made her an instant success.  

Laura London has made several television appearances both as a magician and as a presenter.

Laura's TV debut was in 'Playing Tricks' - a ten part street based youth series made by Endemol for Trouble TV, featuring Laura as the only girl amongst six magicians. 

The Magic Party BBC NI, features Laura as the lead role in one of the six episodes alongside Joe Lyndsey, a presenter and Radio DJ.

Most recently she appeared on the Penn & Teller 'Fool Us' show on ITV 1 with Jonathon Ross. 

Other TV credits include Presenting on Nut's TV and BBC's Eyewitness.  

Always an entrepreneur, Laura organised a special charity event at The Garage in Highgate in aid of 2009 ‘Children in Need’, and coerced many of her magical and musical friends to take part free of charge.

This took Laura in another direction and she has since organised many more successful nights at some of the top venues in London.

Laura is also the director of Fantastique Entertainment, a company which creates unique cabaret and variety shows. 

Incorporating theatre and cabaret in her shows, she had the honour of taking on the role of Mercedes Talma , one of the first ladies in magic.

The role was performed for the Heritage Show in the Magic Circle's Centenary Celebrations, recreating a classic act from 1909.

She has performed at many prestigious events including the Queens 80th birthday at Buckingham Palace.

Laura even had the great thrill of performing in one of New York’s ‘off Broadway’ theatres at a New Years Eve event.

Well travelled, she has also performed in Los Angeles, Oslo, Geneva, Dubai and Vienna.

As an entrepreneur, Laura has collaborated with Claudia De La Creme and launched a company called London De La Creme.

It is a collection of illusion and cabaret shows throughout various decades.

Laura has also organized a special charity event at The Garage in Highgate in aid of 2009 ‘Children in Need’, and coerced many of her magical and musical friends to take part free of charge.

Laura London continues to perform and enchant, mystifying audiences around the world.

For more information, visit Laura London's official website.

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