Kyoko (b.1978)

Kyoko’s performing is fresh and dynamic, combining original magic with skillful dance technique. The result is a delightful show that has charmed audiences around the world.


Real Name

Kyoko Maebeya





Place of Birth



5' 2"


Dark Brown




Maebeya possesses the ability of rapid sleight of hand prowess. She is an expert at stage manipulation and can speedily conjure, vanish and multiply any object at will.

Interesting Fact

Maebeya is a lover of Jazz and Japanese traditional dance.


Kyoko Maebeya was born february 5th, 1978.

Growing up in her native country of Japan, Maebeya developed a passion for dance and trained as a professional dancer before setting her sights on the magical arts.

She became fascinated with magic in her early twenties and decided to travel alone to the USA in hopes of launching a career in magic.

She lived in New York for a while, studying and honing her craft in the art of conjuring.

Maebeya was particularly drawn to the branch of close-up sleight of hand and manipulation.

Upon returning to Japan in June of 1998, she auditioned and was accepted into the prestigious Dolphin Magic Company by President Takaaki Kato.

She began performing at banquets and corporate events throughout Japan.

Maebeya's creative performances started to bring in multiple bookings which even took her over seas.

She took her performances to Germany, Philippines, Monaco, Hong Kong, China and the USA.

Maebeya entered many magic competitions around the world, taking home multiple first place awards.

In February 2002, she performed at the National Hall to favorable reviews, and received a special Presidential Award from the Society of American Magicians Japan.     

In August of that year, she won the top prize from the Japan Professional Magicians’ Association.

In 2003, Maebeya was among the top ten scorers in the General Magic category at FISM, the World Championships of Magic, held in The Hague, Holland.

In November 2005, she won First Prize in the stage contest at the Asian Magic Association convention held in Thailand.

That same year, she garnered First Prize in the JPMA “It’s Magic Compilation” contest, and was the guest performer at the Korean magic convention in Seoul.

In 2006, she traveled to the USA and performed for a week at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, USA.

That same month she also won First Prize in the stage contest at the International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in Miami, Florida USA.

In August, she was among the top ten scorers in the General Magic category at FISM, the World Championships of Magic, held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Maebeya is most popular for her magic act which has her performing in a kimono set to traditional Japanese music.

She is also noted for her high energy hairdressing salon routine, where she manipulates salon related items, such as combs, mirrors and hairdryers.

Photo: courtesy of Zakary Belamy

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