Krystyn Lambert ( b.1991)


Real Name

Krystyn Lambert





Place of Birth

Malibu, California, USA


5' 6"






Lambert possesses the ability of magical versatility; while still in her teens, she was able to perform stage magic, close-up magic, as well as street magic.

Interesting Fact

Lambert is lover of zombie lore


Krystyn Lambert was born in Southern California, on February 25, 1991.

Lambert's first exposure to magic came around age five, when she witnessed a white-faced mime performing the "Miser's Dream" at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

He pulled quarters from her ears, and she was officially hooked on magic.

On Lambert's ninth birthday, her mother purchased her a couple of magic effects from the local magic shop, i.e. Knotting handkerchiefs, a dove pan and a milk pitcher.

Lambert discovered many inspiring and influential magicians along the way, such as Max Maven, Eugen Burger and Roy Benson.

Her passions eventually led her to enroll in the famous Magic Castle training program in Hollywood, where she studied the history of magic and honed her craft.

By the age of twelve, she was the youngest member of the Magic Castle’s Junior Society and has been featured in their “Future Stars of Magic” week annually.

Lambert’s first stage routine, “Enchanted Rings," combined the use of Chinese Linking Rings, ballet, and mime, as she acted out the tale of a magical sprite who tames seven rambunctious rings.

Her current act has a pop / hip-hop feel. It is fast-paced and perfectly synced with its musical passage. At the end of this routine, Lambert defies gravity with a full body tilt of a 40 degree angle.

In 2004 Lambert placed 2nd on television’s “America’s Most Talented Kids” (PAX Network), making her the first and only magician to place in this all-talent competition.

In February 2007, Lambert placed third in the World Magic Seminar’s Teen Competition, and was named "Best Teen Magician" on Fox's World Magic Awards. 

Then in 2009, she performed on another Fox program entitled, "Masters of Illusion: Impossible Magic."

Most recently, Lambert was featured in “Make Believe,” a documentary which follows six hard-working young magicians-in-training as they prepare to compete for the title Teen World Champion in Las Vegas.

Outside of magic, Lambert is attending the University of California, Los Angeles, as a philosophy major.

Lambert enjoys yellow curry and spends her free time with her pet pig, writing prose and sonnets, and immersing herself in literature.

For more information, visit Krystyn Lambert's official website.

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