Sittah Koene (b.?)


Real Name

Sittah Koene


She Mask


Magician, Illusionist

Place of Birth



Approx. 5' 6"






Sittah possesses the ability of superior showmanship and captivating stage presence.

Interesting Fact

Sittah created a magic act called "She Mask: The New Uri Geller." Her popular mentalsit act presented her alter ego, "She Mask," an ominous character dressed in black, wearing a silver mask and black wig.


Holland born Sittah was captivated by the performance arts an an early age.

Her mother Evelyn, who was a dance instructor, began training her in the art of dance.

In 1982, Sittah furthered her training by entering the Bejamin Feliksdal performing arts/musical school in Amsterdam.

She performed as a dancer in her first big musical of Joop van den Ende, called "Barnum" in 1987.

Dutch illusionist Hans Klok took notice of Sittah and asked her to collaborate with him on his show. The two forged a great partnership and soon after took part in the Dutch magic championships.

The two won the Grand Prix and Henk Vermeyden Prix, for the world's fastest metamorphosis.

Following a stream of various performances, the reaction of the Dutch public was overwhelming.

The duo continued to get massive bookings, and appeared on many television programs. They also went on tour with Gerard Joling theater.

Their great success even took them across the globe to Las Vegas, Nevada USA, to perform for NBC's televised "World's Greatest Magic" in Caesar Palace.

Vegas became their new home as as the two continued to performed to rave reviews.

In 1998 Sittah retired her work with Hans Klok by a due to a persistent knee injury.

After Sittah regained full mobility of her knee, she decided to jump start her career by going solo, and in 2004 she launched her new illusion show called "Sittah revealed."

Her action-packed 25 minute show displayed dazzling choreography and surprising illusions. Her act was a success, garnering positive reviews from audience, critics and press.

Sittah's reputation grew rapidly, and in 2006, she was asked to make a special guest appearance at the Prince Grace Theatre in Monaco and perform for the royal family.

Her continued success had Sittah taking her show internationally; she made a TV appearance in France, in the most-watched TV program "Le plus grand cabaret du monde," with 6,000,000 viewers.

She also performed in Munich, Copenhagen, Netherlands and Russia during the 2006/2007 winter months.

Sittah performed in major TV programs such as: So You Wanna Be A Popstar, Nice weather Lion Life & Cooking, The world keeps turning, and the big Jenssen Cliniclowns Gala.

In 2008, Sittah produced a brand new show called "Sittah's Angels."

A distinctive 25 minute, all female act featuring a combination of sensational illusions, dynamic dance choreography, singing and interactive entertainment.

"Sittah's Angels" has been described as a cross between a cabaret/illusion show set to the seductive style of Beyonce and the Pussycat Dolls.

Since the inception her popular "Sittah's Angels" show, Sittah and her Angels have toured globally performing for millions.

In 2010, Sittah Koene was honored with the "World Stage Illusionist" award from an international magic competition in Stockholm, Germany.

Never before in history has a Dutch female performer won such a prestigious prize.

Her award-winning act was conceived and staged by choreography guru, Sarah Miles; credited with her collaboration with David Copperfield

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