Kleo Dorotti (1900-?)

Kleo Dorotti (Cleo Dorothy), stage name of Claudia Karasik, was a native of Gomel, Russia.

She was the former assistant to the magician, and prisoner of war to Russia, Kostano Kasfikis from 1917 - 1929.

In 1929 she went solo, performing in her own show at the circus. Unlike Kasfikis who incorporated elaborate backdrops and scenes in his act, Kleo performed her new show without any stage designs or assistance.

Her act grew in popularity, becoming a large illusion show and she became very successful in the Russian circus. In one of her illusions, a large vase was carried into the ring and filled to the brim with water.

Then the vase magically emptied itself of water only to have many assistants appearing from out of the vase. Another illusion displayed a girl trapped in a barrel, only to appear in another barrel which lay next to the first barrel separated by an iron railing.

Kleo continued to perform her illusion shows with her group of assistants until 1959.

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