Kitty Baldwin (b. 1853-1934)

Female mentalist Kitty Baldwin was born Kate Russell in 1853.

She married well known magician Samri Baldwin and had a daughter together named Shadow.

Baldwin and Samri performed together as a mentalist act and became an international success.

The Baldwin's marriage began to dissolve and In 1906, Mrs. Baldwin (Samri's second wife) divorced Samri and went on her own in hopes of sustaining a career as a solo mentalist act.

She performed under various aliases, including Kate Russell "The Clairvoyant Queen," "The Famous Rosicrucian Somnambulist" and "Mrs. Baldwin Slade".

Unfortunately Mrs. Baldwin's career was short-lived. She tried to jump start her failing career by contacting world renown magician Karl Germain.

Unsuccessful in forming a mentalist act with Germain, she performed a couple more years before bowing out of the magic industry.

Baldwin's daughter, Shadow also entered the mystic world as a professional psychic. However, her career was cut short due to Harry Houdini's debunking of fraudulent psychics and mediums.

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