Kevin james (b. 1962)


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Kevin James Lowery


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Magician, Inventor

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Approx. 6'






Kevin James possesses the innate ability to create, develop and produce cutting edge magic effects. He is one of today's most innovative magicians and is known for creating several unique magical effects, such as the "Floating Rose" which is performed by David Copperfield.

Interesting Fact

James and P.T. Barnum share the same family tree. James' family is related to the Clark's who are related to the Hurds. Samuel Hurd married P.T. Barnum's second daughter, Helen.


Kevin James Lowery was born in France, to American parents Darrell and Mary Lou Lowery.

His father was a USAF helicopter pilot stationed in Europe, though later the family relocated to the small town of Jonesville, Michigan, where James grew up.

James was interested in the art of magic at a very early age. He remembers seeing his first magic performance and how it made that 10 year old feel.

He decided early on that performing magic for the world was going to be his life's calling.

He attended Western Michigan University, studying drama but dropped out in his third year and moved to Los Angeles.

James struggled for several years where he supported himself with small "strolling" performances at various restaurants, working for tips and a meal.

It was in California that James joined local magician groups such as the "Long Beach Mystics" and the Magic Castle Juniors, where he was allowed to watch the professional performers.

James presented magic evenings at nightclubs with another magician, Nicholas Night, under the billing "RFX." "The concept of the act was very good, two guys performing original magic with props that are intrinsically dynamic, like daggers, roses, and fire.

For a few years, James aimed at becoming a sort of Mad Max of magic, with a wild mane of blond hair and hard, shocking magic, like a self-decapitation. However, the character never really panned out.

Back in California, runs at the Magic Castle predictably brought prestige but little money. All this time, though, James had consistently been developing his original material.

His inspiration came in an unexpected form. Working on the same show with James at Cracker's nightclub in Anaheim, California, was a small, former circus clown named Antonio Hoyos.

Antonio had previously played the shrunken Roy Horn once featured in Siegfried and Roy's version of the "De Kolta Chair." James suggested that they try to develop an act together.

Antonio was performing a Chaplin character at the time and James developed the current act to showcase Antonio's comedy alongside his magic.

After years of changes, James' act began to gain popularity garnering him repeated bookings; his routine even aired on Japanese and European television.

By this time he had the Grand Prix award at the P.C.A.M. competition under his belt and was ready to take the world by storm.

In 1991, he appeared on the French variety show Sebastien C'est Fou, which led to a job at the famed Crazy Horse in Paris, where he worked steadily for years, performing 2-3 shows per night, seven days a week.

After Paris, James moved to Las Vegas, becoming a featured performer at the award-winning Splash show at the Riviera Hotel, for another multi-year run.

He has opened for comedian Louie Anderson at Bally's, the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo, and headlined at the Sheraton Walkerhill in Seoul, Korea. In 2005, he was headliner and star of "The World's Greatest Magic Show" in Las Vegas.

In June 2007, James auditioned for America's Got Talent, and received unanimous approval from the judges to move on to the Las Vegas callbacks. At the callbacks, James was passed on to the short list.

James was then sent through to the semi-final round where he disappointed the judges,resulting in his elimination.

In 2012, Kevin James joined the international hit show, "The Illusionists;" a powerhouse magic event banding 7 of the world's greatest magicians on one stage.

James is a very prolific magical inventor. Not only is his show original, he has created many things that have been performed in the shows of other famous magicians like Doug Henning, Mark Wilson and David Copperfield.

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