Keith Barry (b. 1976 )

Think of Keith Barry as a hacker of the human brain -- writing routines that exploit its bugs and loopholes, and offering a revealing look at the software between our ears. -TED


Real Name

Keith Patrick Barry




Magician, Psychological Illusionist, Hypnotist

Place of Birth

County Waterford, Ireland








Keith Barry possesses the uncanny ability to hack into the human brain, controlling and manipulating thoughts, hidden within your brainwaves. He is also a master in the art of Covert hypnosis.

His repertoire ranges from outrages stunts, from driving a car at full speed blindfolded to escaping from a shed rigged with explosives.

Interesting Fact

On March 1, 2007, Barry and his longtime manager, Eamonn Maguire, were both badly injured in a horrific car crash on the Belfast to Newry road.

Barry suffered severe trauma to his left leg and only returned to the stage later the same year.


Keith Barry was born in County Waterford, Ireland on October 25, 1976.

His interest in magic began when he received a Paul Daniels' magic set for Christmas.

Barry's love for the art was so profound, that his family would get him magic tricks and magic sets every year.

When Barry was 13, he discovered really good book on magic when he was in Scotland on a school tour.

It was called the Klutz Book of Magic; from that book Barry started performing at kids' parties and in restaurants when was around 14 years old.

From performing magic in restaurants, working table to table, Barry's success began to snowball and he started to get gigs everywhere.

Under the guidance of his manager, Eamonn Maguire, since 2002, Barry has performed on his own television shows in Europe entitled Close Encounters with Keith Barry.

The show has been played in 28 countries worldwide.

In 2004, Barry had an MTV television special entitled Brainwashed.

That same year he was also invited to talk at the prestigious TED conference in Monterey, California where he performed his first ever live stage show.

2005 ended with Barry performing a live Christmas special in Europe.

Barry Live With Friends featured various celebrities such as magician Billy McComb, Jim Corr of The Corrs, and The Conway Sisters.

Barry's success throughout Europe coupled with his MTV special led to a four year multi-special deal with CBS.

His first special with CBS debuted on May 12, 2006 and was entitled Keith Barry: Extraordinary.

The special later aired on The CW on New Year's Eve 2006 and on New Years Day, 2007 on TV3 in New Zealand and Australia on the Arena channel.

As an actor, he performed in the "Open Water" episode of CSI: Miami.

The finale of the show featured an escape from a shed rigged with explosives.

Keith was tied to a chair with thick ropes by two members of the audience.

On January 15, 2008 Keith performed live on The Ellen Degeneres Show which he has now done about 4 times.

in Feb 2010 Keith finished his new show for the Discovery Channel in the US called "Deception with Keith Barry" which aired in July 2010.

The show was then picked up for its first season as a series and is in production with its airing scheduled on The Discovery Channel from April 2011.

Also in 2010 he toured extensively with his show 'The Asylum' which is due to tour again in May 2011.

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