Juan Tamariz (b.1942)


Real Name

Juan Tamariz-Martel Negrón




Magician, Cardician, Writer,

Place of Birth

Seville, Spain


Approx. 5' 6"




Brown - Grey


Juan Tamariz possesses the skillful ability of manipulation. As an experienced cardician, he specializes in magic with playing cards. He is also well-respected by his peers as an authority in the field of misdirection.

Interesting Fact

The art of magic runs through Tamariz's blood; his great-uncle, the Marquess D. Luis Negrón, had gained fame as an illusionist in Andalusia, Spain at the beginning of 20th century.


Juan Tamariz was born in Seville, Spain on October 18, 1942.

Tamariz developed a passion for magic at the tender age of 4 after his parents took him to the theater to see a magician perform.

Growing up, he saw many great magicians entertaining in the theatre in Spain, including internationally known illusionist David Bamberg, aka Fu Manchu.

At the age of twelve, Tamariz started learning magic from books, and befriended many magicians from the "Spanish Society of Illusionism" organization.

Young Tamariz had many magical mentors Including Arturo de Ascanio, a gifted amateur magician who designed and created a number of magical effects.

Tamariz experimented in arts related to magic: acting as a clown, pupeteer, and he even had a brief spell with a circus.

At 18 years old, he enrolled at a local university where he studied filmmaking. He later applied his knowledge of film and directing in his presentation of magic.

He landed a job working in advertising and Producing commercials.

He discovered that some of the techniques he used in making commercials were actually used when he performed magic such as misdirection, and particularly the psychology of perception.

However, he wasn't particularly fond of using these techniques to sell products, so he quit in 1970 to focus solely on the art of magic.

Tamariz, who led an impoverished life at the time, could not afford large stage illusions, so he turned to the art of close-up conjuring - primarily in the field of card magic.

In the mid-1970s, he was invited to perform in Buenos Aires where he performed on television.

His act was a huge hit, which led to subsequent guest performances on TV, in Spain and South America.

Tamariz performed at FISM in 2006, and along with Arturo de Ascanio, he has spearheaded the "Escuela Magica de Madrid," a school of thought in close-up magic that has produced FISM award-winning champions and deeply influenced the craft of magic worldwide.

He has also created a system called "Methodo Symbolico," for discussing magic across language barriers, and is an important figure in the Escorial convention.

Tamariz is the author of five critically acclaimed best-selling books in English: "The Five Points of Magic," "Verbal Magic;" "The Magic Way," "Sonata" and "Mnemonica."

Juan Tamariz is known internationally among magicians as a true master of his art, and one who generously shares his time and knowledge, both in print and in person, with the magic community.

His motto is "Magic, Love, Freedom, Humor, Magic, and the rest is nothingness."

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