Kristen Johnson (b.?)


Real Name

Kristen Johnson


"The World's Premier Female Escape Artist"


Escapologist, Magician

Place of Birth

Glens Falls, New York, USA


5' 4 and a quarter" tall






Kristen possesses the ability of escapology. Her signature escape is the Full View Water Torture Cell, in which she is chained and locked inside a water filled tank from which she attempts to escape in full view of the audience.

She averages 2 minutes and 48 seconds under water on one breath, however she has occasionally taken up to 3 minutes and 18 seconds to free herself. She ends her show with this escape and has performed it as often as 30 times in ten days.

Interesting Fact

Kristen has a need for speed. She rides a Buell Firebolt motorcycle and enjoys just about anything that goes fast. "If I had another career in my lifetime I'd be a pyrotechnician or a stunt person. I'm working on the latter."


Kristen Johnson was born in Glen Falls, New York. Grew up around magic. Her mother, Sunny was a magic and clowning veteran.

Sunny graced the cover of the Linking Ring March 2002.

In her teenage years, Kristen learned pocket and parlor magic. It helped her earn her way through college.

In 2001, Kristen took interest in escapology. Her first escape involved rope.

She later started experimenting with handcuffs, locks and straitjackets, eventually leading up to breaking free from a "bed of spikes."

In 2003 at the first Annual Escape Artist Convention, Kristen performed her Full View Water Torture Cell Escape in front of an audience for the first time. The event was televised by the local CBS affiliate.

In December of 2003, Kristen was in a car accident which prevented her from attempting the escape until summer of 2005.

Since then she has attempted the Full View Water Torture Escape 604 times.

Kristen is married to magician Kevin Ridgeway and work together under the name Ridgeway & Johnson Entertainment Inc.

In 2007 they launched a full length touring theater show under the name Breathless, which has played across the United States.

Their new show has captivated audiences worldwide.

In addition to the only "Full View Water Torture Cell," they also perform other death defying escapes and grand illusion, such as Kristen passing through a 747 jet turbine engine.

In 2006, Kristen much accolade in her field during the 4th Annual International Escape Convention where she was bestowed with The Masters Award.

She has also graced the television world appearing on "Inside Edition", the Travel Channel's "Inside the Houdini Museum," and as the finale act in two episodes of "Masters of Illusion."

Kristen and Kevin have a strong Christian faith and have performed in connection with many faith based events and organizations.

They are currently producing and touring in their full length illusion show called Living Illusions.

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