Johnny Thompson (b. 1934)


Johnny Thompson's Real Name

John Thompson


The Great Tomsoni


Magician, Musician, Inventor, Author

Place of Birth



Approx. 6'




Dusky brown


Thompson possesses the ability of masterful comedy and manipulation skills; he is considered a General practitioner in all branches of magic, from close-up to stage magic. 

One of his trademarks is producing pure white doves on stage, which are trained to play along with the act once they have appeared.

Interesting Fact

Johnny Thompson has performed under several stage names: 

The Great Tomsoni. The Great Tomsoni & Co.; The Great Tomsoni and Company, The Great Tomsoni: The Wizard of Warsaw; Tomsoni & Co.


Johnny Thompson was born in Chicago 1934. At the age of eight he saw a movie about a riverboat gambler. Thus inspired, he located a copy of the classic Erdnase text, "The Expert At The Card Table," which he studied diligently for the next four years.

His interest in magic broadened, and in his early teens he worked a variety of magic-related jobs in carnivals, fairs and touring companies, which allowed him to meet various professional performers.

He began his performing career in 1947 as a harmonica player, touring and recording with Jerry Murad's Harmonicats for seven years. Influenced by a performance by Cantu, he created a dove magic act, but continued with music; he formed the Harmonica Jazz Quartet, which toured for five years.

He later became part of a comedy team, and reworked the dove act as a parody of serious performers. Unlike most parody acts, however, in Thompson's the magic worked well. 

Of Polish ancestry, he began using the billing of "Poland's Finest Magician," and later "The Great Tomsoni, The Wizard Of Warsaw."

In 1972 he began performing in Reno; two years later he went into the Vive Paris Vive show at the Aladdin in Las Vegas, where he performed every night for three years. 

He continued with the show when it moved to the Flamingo. In 1976, wife and partner Pam joined the act; the billing became " The Great Tomsoni And Company" - Pam being... And Company, and playing the bored and dizzy assistant to the hilt. 

In the years since then they have become known as one of the top revue acts in the business, appearances include the Nugget in Reno, the Folies Bergere show at the Tropicana, the Lido de Paris show at the Stardust, and Trump's Castle in Atlantic City.

They have performed on The Tonight Show and many other television shows in the U.S. and abroad. Thompson also created a revue called Les Sorcery which played for several months in Reno. 

In addition to his stage work, Thompson is a noted close-up performer and is highly respected in the trade show field. While many performers become accomplished in one of these areas, Thompson is considered a virtuoso at all of them. He is also an experienced actor in theater and television. 

He is the author of "Polished Polish Prestidigitation" and "Coin In Bottle - Plus."

Thompson is a recipient of the Best Stage Magician Award from the Academy Of Magical Arts, which has also awarded a Performing Fellowship to The Great Tomsoni And Company.

Other awards include Magicians of the Year: Johnny and Pam Thompson; LOUIE award, Tannen's Magic Jubilee, and 2000 Masters Fellowship, Academy of Magical Arts, 1999.

He has worked behind the scenes with magicians such as Penn and Teller, Lance Burton, and Criss Angel

He has been featured on many episodes of Criss Angel's Mindfreak, the "Hair" episode of Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t!, and the film The Aristocrats. 

His wife and assistant, Pamela Hayes Thompson, was featured in the film Women in Boxes about magicians' assistants.

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