Joaquin Ayala (b. March 21)


Real Name

Joaquin Ayala


El Mago, Chazam,

The Mexican, Juaquima


Entertainer, Illusionist,

Special effects and Illusion Designer

Mexico City, Mexico








Joaquin Ayala possesses the ability to design and create visually stunning magical effects and illusions. Ayala is a wizard of his craft - sculpting, building, welding and designing his own original illusions. He is regarded as Mexico's famous illusionist and is a master of theatrical magic.

Interesting Fact

Ayala is a huge fan of HR Giger (the artist who created and deigned the alien for the 20th Century Fox movie "Alien". Giger's influence is manifest in Ayala's work, texture, colors and designs. His illusionary work also embodies latin motifs and designs due to his passion for Mexican archaeology.


Joaquin Ayala was born on March 21, in Mexico City. As a young boy, Ayala witnessed a magician performing miracles before a crowd.

He saw the man making a bird appear from his bare hands and at that moment Ayala decided to become a magician.

At age 8, he started performing magic in venues in downtown Mexico. At age 11, he was the youngest magician to win an award at the Aztec Club of Prestidigitators.

Subsequently, young Ayala appeared in every TV show and the media started to talk about the young "Mexican Magician".

In 1984, Ayala was chosen to perform at the Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas for the "World Magic Olympics" produced by the Japanese Network NHK.

In 1985, he mystified audiences nationally and internationally, from the famous "Magic Castle" in Hollywood, to Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong and France, to name a few.

After being in Las Vegas headlining the successful magic show "Spellbound" for 6 years, Ayala appeared in almost every TV show in the USA,

however, he gained international acclaim by performing on the NBC TV Special "World's Greatest Magic" which aired worldwide.

Ayala's efforts in the world of magic has garnered him many awards, including "Magician of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts,

"Entertainer of the Year" by the International's Magician Society and "Magician of the Decade" by the Latin American Performers Association.

In 1999, Ayala met dancer Tanya Garofalo. Tanya joined Ayala's magic show and in 2002, Ayala and Tanya have been touring around the world. Ayala is currently producing two shows, "Magical Passion" and "Tanya: Passion for Belly Dance".

Ayala recently launched "AYALA EFX," a las Vegas based production company that constructs, designs and consults magical special effects, illusions, props, scenery and costuming for the entertainment business.

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