Jinger Leigh (b.?)


Real Name

Jinger Leigh


Jinger Leigh-Kalin



Place of Birth

United States








Jinger possesses the ability of superior showmanship, theatricality and dance prowess.

Her signature performances include, Pole Levitation and The Spirit Cabinet.

Interesting Fact

Jinger is a lover of latin dance


Jinger began taking dance lessons when she was four, and by age 17, she left her hometown and headed to California completely alone to follow her dreams of becoming a professional dancer.

She worked as a dance instructor while performing for companies like Disney, Fuji Television and in Southern California dinner theaters.

(Ms. Leigh has been involved with magic since 1991.) Jinger met Mark Kalin At a resort in Guam and was instantly impressed by his magic and his rapport with the audience.

As they began working together, Jinger became an integral part of the show.

From the start, they realized that those standard “magician and assistant” roles just didn’t fit them. They had to find a special combination that made the most of their performances and created their own sort of magic.

Their signature illusions, the Fire Spiker, Circle of Fire, and their amazing Sawing in Half illusion combined with a unique performing style quickly earned them a reputation among audiences and professional magicians alike.

In the mid 90s, they began creating their own shows. “Before Your Very Eyes,” “Carnival of Wonders,” and “Illusionarium,” garnered accolades throughout the entertainment industry and set records at showrooms across the United States.

Working with comedy magicians Jeff Hobson and Mark Kornhhauser, these performances were more than critical successes; they were experiments in magic that allowed Kalin and Jinger to explore different presentations and utilize their combined skills.

Carnival of Wonders, for example, packed all the fun of a traveling carnival into an evening of entertainment, hinting at dark mysteries and deeper wonders that surround us in our everyday life.

It was a surprising vision for a magic show, incorporating dance and character to create an emotional bond with the audience. When their show came to Reno, Nevada, it was voted the city’s best production, and audiences returned again and again.

In the summer of 2008, Kalin & Jinger returned to Atlantic City with their newest production, “Real Magic."

Whether appearing on network television, at the most exclusive, high-powered corporate functions, or within the framework of their own theatrical stage productions, Kalin & Jinger are respected around the world as powerful performers and creative, trend-setting producers.

Jinger and Kalin, along with their daughter, Parker Jude ... are currently traveling across the country performing and astonishing thousands.

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