Jimmy Talksalot (b. 1967)


Jimmy Talksalot's Real Name

Jimmy (Last name unknown)


Jimmy Wispers


Street performer, Magician, Writer

Place of Birth

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Approx 5' 8"






Jimmy Talksalot possesses the ability to manipulate objects with cunning conjuring. He is a sleight-of-hand expert with masterful ability in misdirection. He does not incorporate props, apparatus or gimmicks in his act, just fast hands and skillful dexterity. His signature effects are "Hat & Balls," Flipstick/Ball/Purse" and "Arm in Hat Gag."

Interesting Fact

Jimmy is a lover of music, and has an eclectic taste in many genres, from Rock to Country.


Jimmy Talksalot was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1967. He was fascinated by the art of magic as a young boy, and grew up a devotee of the classics of magic like Tarbell, and Jean Hugard.

Jimmy wanted to make a living as a full-time professional magician, but was constantly told that magic was just a hobby and not a real job.

So young Jimmy took on many odd jobs for a living, and on the side, he would perform walk around and backyard shows.

He never thought he could make a successful living as a magician until he met magician Jaime O'Hara in Las Cruces, New Mexico. O'Hara helped Jimmy go full-time and realize that the art of conjuring is a real job, and that one could build a career off it.

As a budding street performer, Jimmy was taught by street magician veteran Doug Conn. Conn showed Jimmy the ropes, getting him acquainted with the pros, and even sending him to Europe as a cultural learning experience.

In America, Jimmy was influenced and mentored by Street magician guru Sonny Holliday. Jimmy was Holliday's only student and regards Holliday as his hero.

Jimmy Developed, fine tuned and polished his act incorporating a vaudevillian style from the early 1900s.

He also tailored his show for the whole family - A tradition handed down to him from his grandfather who believed that real talent doesn't need vulgarity.

Jimmy took his show on the road performing at restaurants, bars, gallery's and cabarets all over the world.

In 2008, Jimmy wrote a book titled, "To Lure With Spectacle and Our Mysterious Society." It's an instructional guide on how to street perform for a living.

The book has sold thousands of copies worldwide, and since it's release, Jimmy has gained many followers and students all over the world.

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